I’ve been tempted lately, especially after starting this website to purchase a Fleshlight. To be honest I never really considered purchasing one, even though I was tempted, because I simply couldn’t justify having it in the apartment with my girlfriend. As liberal as I consider myself, I simply couldn’t make the jump. Even if I was able to hide it, which is difficult given the size, I would be contently worried that my girlfriend would find the sex toy.

Now, I don’t necessarily like to hide things from my girlfriend but this would be one thing I wouldn’t feel guilty about hiding. Don’t get me wrong, we have a great sex life, but I masturbate quite a bit to keep tension down.

Therefore, having a Fleshlight in the house would be amazing.

That’s where the Flight Fleshlight comes in. I didn’t realize this model even existed until I was browsing around their site and stumbled upon it. It’s essentially a much smaller version that is designed to be more discrete than the original design. Even the latex opening it somewhat discrete (although most guys would probably know what it was at first glance). And, it’s small enough that I think I could hide it in the apartment no problem.

Here’s what it looks like:


Here’s a size comparison between the original Fleshlight and the Fleshlight Flight. I don’t need more than 6 inches if you know what I mean….


The smaller size of the Flight is really the selling point for me at the moment, not to mention the somewhat nondescript opening which is a little less explicit than the original Fleshlight.

I also feel as though it will be difficult to properly review any new Oculus sex games without proper “equipment”, but this simply may be an excuse for me to buy a wank toy.

What do you guys think? Would you purchase the Flight over the original Fleshlight, or not at all? Is it really that much more discrete?



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  1. If you have a girlfriend, i’d go with the flight. Mine has seen mine lying around and she doesn’t even ask what it is.

  2. buy one man or buy 5 its worth it

  3. Why the deception? It’s a lot healthier to share these things, and besides bringing sex toys into the bedroom can be a lot of fun.

    Opening up about desires isn’t easy. I have a Cobra Libre (which is just breathtaking) and I was a bit reserved about telling my girl. So glad I did though; she just said “Oooh! Show me how to use that on you!” That was an amazing night. 🙂

    And yes I still use the toy for myself when she’s not around.

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