7 VR Porn Sites you need to check out in 2016

2015 was a great year for VR Porn. As the weeks and months passed, more and more new sites popped up, new rumours swirled and the growing and continued excitement was present. Were there countless struggles and failures? Of course. That really goes without saying. But what also was apparent was the growth and the investment in virtual reality porn. I remember going to one of the few VR Porn sites that had 1 video when they first went live. It was a great video and a first for VR porn. From there, 5, 10, 20, 50 videos become available within a 6 months period. The videos were new and different and best of all vr compatible. The quantity was still limited, but it was growing and more and more sites continued to pop up. A year later and these sites combine for hundreds and perhaps even thousands of high quality, […]

VirtuaDolls- the next BIG VR success story on Indiegogo?

Indiegogo has been a launch pad for a few notable success stories in relation to VR sex and teledildonics. With the few successes come many more stories of failure or failed potential. The latest, VirtuaDolls, is ‘an adult VR game controller where touch and feedback are taken to the next level.’ Essentially it’s a controller where you can feel the game. Click here to check out the indiegogo campaign.  This device has handles and a ‘tunnel’ with 6 different textures sleeves for your . As you’d expect, the device has a multitude of stimulators many of which are unseen in current male sex devices and many that are more advanced. Here are the details First off there is a programmable and adjustable soft touch gripper which looks to give the squeezing sensation on the sleeve. Next, there is intelligent stoker which has multiple speeds and adjusts to your position. It also […]

Marc Dorcel’s VR Porn debut is a 360 knockout!


Legendary porn producer/AVN Hall of Famer (2015) Marc Dorcel and his Paris based studio Video Marc Dorcel has taken a step into adult virtual reality movies. Many of you may recognize his name for his countless XBIZ and AVN nominations and awards for videos produced under Video Marc Dorcel. One of the largest porn studios in France, Video Marc Dorcel is no small player in the industry and their entry into VR porn is further confirmation that VR porn is the future and there is no turning back. Their first VR video is a 360 degree, 3D, masterpiece titled Being a porn performer. And what a debut- I know I’m not the only one with that fantasy. This immersive video includes 5 of the sexiest women in VR porn to date- the likes of Anna Polina, Lucy Heart, Jessie Volt, Tara White and Kimber Delice. This is my favorite VR video that I’ve […]

Top 3 must have sexy toys for men!

Autoblow2 Like blowjobs? Girlfriend not too keen on daily blowjobs? Hey if you’re not a fan of blowjobs than this toy is not for you. You should probably just stop reading as I’m going to talk more about blowjobs and frankly you’re wasting your time by continuing to read about how you can get more blowjobs, even daily blowjobs. AS MANY BLOWJOBS AS YOU DESIRE. 😉 Now that I only have the attention of my male counterparts that do enjoy blowjobs, let me tell you, if you haven’t tried the Autoblow2 yet, you don’t like blowjobs! Ok well maybe you do, but perhaps you didn’t know that such a product existed and that some good people out there went above and beyond to create the Autoblow2, the best solo automatic blowjob toy on the market. This sex toy sells itself and is worth WAY more than the price tag. It’s […]

eJaculator….. a male sex toy designed solely for VR porn

Another potentially great male sex toy on deck that recently dropped on indiegogo (click here)  ….. the ‘eJaculator’- a wireless, hands-free, vr compatible, male masturbator. Not only this, but it is made primarily for VR porn and sex and it comes with a ‘ninja quiet motor’ (optimal so that it doesn’t sound like you have a blender going in your room/on your cock). The eJaculator is a wireless and blue tooth compatible male sex toy that can be mounted to a desk or table, or used with a leg mount that holds the eJaculator upright while you lay on your back in bed, on the couch or reclining chair. Unlike many before it, rather than plugging into the wall (one of the complaints of other male masturbators) the eJaculator has no cords and has a rechargeable battery. The battery has a 2 to 4 hour life depending on the speed and take 2-3 […]

Lovense- Max and Nora…. best sex toys for long distance relationships

People have some imaginations that are way the fuck out there. That was best proven on a recent trip to Las Vegas last week. I was meeting up with some industry folk who had a lot to sell and A LOT of fucking crazy ideas and thoughts about VR, VR porn, VR compatible sex toys, you name it. All of it was a bit insane and a bit amazing. Anyhow, I know I’ll take some flack for posting about Max and Nora since it has been out forever but this is my first experience with it (well 2nd attempt but the first involved my carry on luggage and is now property of San Francisco International Airports baggage security team. But that’s another story  )….  This time around I made it to my destination and was ready for action. Well at least I ended up in Vegas with said toy. Now I’d […]

VR Sex Simulator Demo – He’s Not Letting Go!

If you haven’t seen this video yet, check it out. This dude is demoing a VR sex simulation game and he can’t be stopped…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiZZCRIP10A The best parts of this are a) he’s thrusting like a mad-man with no intention of slowing down b) he has a shit eating grin for the entire clip and c) the half torso doll is wearing a school girl skirt (why not?)… So many things crossed my mind while watching this. If VR porn/sex fails (which it won’t) or takes too long to progress, there are definitely enough dudes out there who just want to fuck/thrust anything. Actually regardless of VR sex, just have some games were you can shoot machine guns and rocket launchers by thrusting a machine with a headset on and I bet 8/10 guys will give it a shot. Just pump hard for a high score and there are more […]


The  anticipated debut has arrived as Cumfundme.com has gone live as of May 11th. Following a few hiccups, the site appears to be running smoothly. CumFundMe.com is aiming to be the biggest adult only crowd funding site. A site aimed solely at the adult entertainment industry, we hope that more funding will be directed towards virtual reality and teledildonic area of the adult industry. Other crowdfunding sites like indigogo.com have helped fund some great VR ideas/films/technology as well as adult products (AutoBlow2) , but this site should provide a more direct spot to be noticed for those looking to support the virtual reality in the adult context. That being said, there will undoubtedly be a ton of miscellaneous shit that you will need to flog through- cam girls, boob jobs, porn everything, etc. Regardless there will definitely be some gems produced on this site over time. Since the site has been live only a couple weeks, there are […]

3DX Chat updates May 2015

3DX Chat is an online multiplayer adult virtual game. It’s been around for a few years now and is constantly evoloving by frequently adding new content, new features including virtual scheduled events , more users and a growing online adult community. We’ve covered 3DX Chat for quite a while and are happy to see them continually progress. If you haven’t been following 3DX Chat, you might not know that they are both Oculus and Fleshlight/v-stroker compatible (Currently only DK1 compatible, but should be DK2 very soon). Here’s a recent promo shot Personally, that dude doesn’t sell me on this. But I do like the enhanced virtual experience of the combination of the Oculus with the Fleshlight/v-stroker. It’s currently one of the best options. More games seem to be going this route at this stage. Tenga Falcon or one of the many more automated options currently in development stage combined with the Oculus or other headset is the next stage I can’t […]

The best interactive porn today?

Lifeselector.com is one of the hottest interactive porn sites out there today (although not virtual…..yet). It is the ‘choose your own (sex) adventure” of interactive porn. It is one that has won numerous awards and is not slowing down at all in their pursuant of interactive porn dominance. New interactive shows are out daily and weekly and they have arguably the hottest models out there. These guys have been around a while, but they just continue to bring out hot and extremely interactive shows where you’re in control of all the action. The name doesn’t lie- live the sexual life you choose, one, two or three girls at a time. Just try to resist! There are shows added all of the time and everything ranging from the Milf Therapist to your Sexy secretary or even those Hot (and slutty) College girls.  There is no shortage of selection here whether you […]