You knew it was going to happen and we are very thankful it did. The Marvel movie Black Widow was finally released in theatres this past weekend. The parody video made by Badoink at was made in the past but is worth taking a revisit with all of the new found hype of the movie. Will you enjoy the parody as much as the original? I say you will. It has all of the great action scenes that want to see in XXX parody and the actor Lenina Crowne if gorgeous. If you just want to enjoy yourself while imagining one of the hottest actors on film, Scarlett Johansson go at it you can do that too. After watching this movie there is no way it can let you down. Pun intended. You have the ability to enjoy it on all your favorite 3d platforms, Oculus, HTC Vive, PSVR, […]

Make America Great Again With Naughty America VR

New year’s eve is right around the corner and time to make your new year’s resolution that might last about a week. If your resolution is to enjoy some great American made vr porn then your resolution will definitely last a lot longer than a week. Naughty america vr has tons of great videos to bring you back week after week all year round. They are even giving away a free video when you visit their site to give you a little taste. Naughty America vr is very woman focused vr porn. Every movie is jam packed with women, women, women and more women. If you love women and love America than you will be delighted when you visit their website. At count there were over 200 women to choose from to fulfill your fantasies in vr. Part of making America great is keeping the economy going. You can view […]

Dezyred – Free Interactive VR Porn Game

Christmas has come and gone and you finally have some free time from the family. Yes it was great to eat, drink and be merry but now that we can have some time to ourselves we can really have some fun. We have time off from work for the holidays and yes the global pandemic lingers on. Those of us that are getting some more home time can appreciate what the good folks at Vrbangers studios has done for us. We have wanted it for a long time and what better time to release such a much coveted item than Christmas. You might not have it at the top of your wish list but you will definitely be glad it’s here. Dezyred is the first and free interactive vr porn game we really need. You spend so much time trying to find the video to watch and many times you […]

Is POVR The Next Netflix Of VR Porn

Hopefully by now you have found the right niche of virtual reality porn that gets your blood flowing. If not you are not alone. There are so many genres and scenes to choose from it’s like trying to find something to watch on netflix. According to the newly developed site POVR they are your netflix of vr porn. Administered by pimproll that has given us great sites like Tranzvr, Wankzvr and Milfvr. The popular virtual reality porn studios have combined to create a one stop shop with one price that will give you a selection of vr porn to satisfy the pickiest of porn watchers. No more going to various sites to get to what you like. It’s all here in one place. With over 70 vr porn studios you are guaranteed to find what you like. It just might take you a little while to find and that is […]

MobileVRXXX- You Want It And They Have It

Father’s day just passed and just like many more before that I was taken out to eat for my special day. I was craving some good old shrimp fried rice but the restaurant I wanted to eat at was closed on Sundays. Bummer for me, so my girlfriend suggests we go eat at the Chinese buffet that we have in town. I was ok with that since they have a very big selection and keep the taste authentic. Maybe it’s not Chinese authentic but there is flavor and seasoning unlike some other Chinese buffet’s that dumb down the seasoning for American’s who like their food to be plain. Just like at a Chinese buffet we all have different tastes on what we like in porn and it is great in this day and age that we have such a wide variety and different genres to choose from. With the onslaught […]

Should You Add A Bluetooth Controller To Your VR Experience

Every day there are more and more people joining the virtual reality train so the makers of content and gadgets have to continue to try to expand. If you have the money to shell out for a good system like a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift you are pretty much set. If you are in the lower league and you are using your cell phone like so many others your vr experience might not be so exciting. Granted there are many different types of headsets to choose from you still want  to feel like you are escaping the regular world and experiencing something fantastic. I recently tried a bluetooth controller to see if my virtual reality experience would be enhanced in anyway. It did make a difference. I swung by my local Target store and picked up an Utopia 360 bluetooth controller which synced to my cell phone quite effortlessly. […]

Pornfox VR Brings Justice To VR Porn

When I was  a kid in order for me to see some porn I had to have an old beat up copy of a porn magazine stashed in the woods behind my house that got beat up by the weather or wait until everybody in the house fell asleep and watched cinemax movies. The cinemax movies came much later in life because back then we couldn’t afford cable. Fast forward and the internet is in almost every household through some form be it cell phones, laptops, or video games. I can definitely tell you that the internet today is a lot better than the old school dial up that was so amazing back in the hey days of AOL. When the internet first started there was such a great mode of advertising called pop ups. When ever you visited a website on the internet there they were, the pop ups […]

Red Light Center Is Your Online Getaway For 4 Play

If you spend enough time on the internet you eventually start to live on the internet. Not so far in the distant past there was no internet and people lived their lives outside and interacted face to face with people. All of that has passed and the new generation lives out their world in virtual places. Virtual communities and social sites have become such a big part of our society that every website you visit you have the option to sign in with your facebook account. Most people like to keep their social accounts private and only want to share things with family and friends. That is why virtual social communities are very important. You create an identity to live through in these worlds but the world is not only public personal and private to your true secret identity. The movement to live online is constantly growing and the sex […] Is Your One Stop Shop For Teledildonic Fun

When you think of teledildonics you think virtual reality porn. Virtual reality porn is great to watch and even more fun when partnered up with your favorite sex toy. There are many more uses for your teledildonic sex toy that the benefits of having one outweigh the cost. The cost of a teledildonic sex toy ranges from around $99 up to about $250 but a lot of your plain dildos and masturbators cost as much. With the latest introduction of the fleshlight launch there are many possible choices for you to use when it comes to teledildonic sex toys. You can go and join every site individually after you’ve searched around to find out which sites are compatible with your sex toy or you could go right to who has done all of the research for you. Looking for regular porn, virtual reality porn, web cam girls or games, […]


Everywhere you turn these days you will see something about super heroes or bad guys. They are in your cereal, in your meals when you go out to eat and almost every commercial break on tv. The new Wonder Woman movie just came out and the characters are sexy enough so you know the porn parody for that will be coming soon. Truthfully I can’t wait for that. Porn in itself is a great thing to behold but the parodies are really something. Virtual reality porn already transports you to another world but the parody porn takes you even further. You really have to admire the porn studios for going the extra mile to find  a star the closely resembles the real characters from the movie. VR Cosplay X has put together a new parody for the Suicide Squad movie featuring Harley Quinn. At some point in time we have […]