Everyone nowadays from 5 year old kids and up have a cell phone or tablet that gives them access to the internet and unlimited amounts of information. Youtube, Facebook and Snapchat has captured everyone’s attention so that no one lives off interconnected internet anymore. Virtual reality has been slowing making it’s way to mainstream but hasn’t really picked up enough to not be called a fad. A lot of that is changing with the backing of big companies expanding the reach and capabilities that virtual reality has. You can now explore museums, space and even do surgery in virtual reality so the possibilities of virtual reality are limitless. The problem as of now is that there is not enough content and things to do to justify some of the prices that it costs to get started with virtual reality. If you have a cell phone or tablet you can strap it into a vr headset and do all kinds of things.

With the introduction of the Oculus Rift last year the virtual reality world has really expanded. The thing of that is that the Oculus Rift debuted at $700. Since the debut the Oculus Rift introduced the Oculus Touch which are handheld controllers to expand the vr experience even more. The Oculus Touch’s price is $99. Together to get started with the Oculus Rift setup it would cost you $800. They recently dropped the price to $600 at all retail stores as well as on the Oculus website as well. That $200 price drop is a 25% cut in price. It is still more costly than any gaming console on the market right now and you still need a gaming computer to use the Rift as well. The Nintendo Switch just came out and the price of that was $300. The Nintendo Switch quickly sold out and now the price of that has risen.

There are over 350 games you can play on the Oculus Rift and it also comes with a free game to entice the new buyers who are picking up the vr headset. Robo Recall is the free game that is given away with a new purchase which is a first person shooter game. When the original PS4 came out it was $400 and a lot of people thought that the price was outrageous. Taking a look at the growth in capabilities that are possible with virtual reality make the $600 price of the Oculus Rift attractive. Some of your better vr headsets on the market are powered by the Oculus infrastructure so if you were to get the Rift you would  most likely get the new software updates before the other vr headsets.

Okay let’s get to it. What does this new price drop mean for virtual realty porn? A lot. Virtual reality porn makers are trying to fight for your attention and the studios are churning out new content constantly. VR Bangers committed to making at least two new videos a week and so far have kept up on that promise. The long time studio Vivid has continued to pump out new videos for their virtual reality side with Vivid Virtual who has their main staple being a Kim Kardashian look alike. Rest assured that there are going to be many new studios coming out in the future fighting for your attention and trying to gain a slice of the pie in the virtual reality porn world.

Will the new price drop of the Oculus Rift bring in more people to the virtual reality world? There is a good possibility that there are still people who are on the fence who are just waiting for the right time to get in. With all that is happening in the world many more people are looking for a way to escape. Maybe this new price drop will give them what they are looking for.

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