Will The New Lovense Toys Be a Hit

Lovense the makers of virtual reality sex toys max and nora are taking a crack at reinventing regular sex toys as well. They have some of the most popular vr toys already so do they really need to attack regular sex toys as well as a company. Their answer to that is yes. If you walk into a sex shop anywhere you will basically find the same toy over and over in different packages and prices. Is there really a difference in any of these toys? I am asked this question all the time from people. In truth there really isn’t. They are pretty much manufactured by the same companies and then white labeled for different companies. I like what lovense has come out with so far with their vr products and am personally looking forward to see what their regular sex toys will be like. Right now they have a campaign on indiegogo to fund the production of the new toys. The first batch of toys have started shipping and so far they have had pretty good reviews. The current indiegogo campaign is for their batch 2 production which they claim to be half price of retail price once the toys roll out all the way. I am fascinated with sex toys and this latest offering seems pretty good.  At the time of this writing the funding campaign has 23 days left and has already raised $165,716. That is some amazing numbers. Lovense already has a big following from their past customers and the word on their products grow everyday. Let’s get into detail about the newest offering from lovense. The Ambi is a bullet vibrator that can be held while having sex. The design looks a little weird but it’s supposed to be complement the curve of the body. I have used different bullets while having sex and the sensations have been pretty good. The Domi puts a spin on the traditional wand vibrator. Most wand vibrators have cords and are straight. The Domi also has a curved design to it  and it is also wireless with a dual head motor for power. The edge is the world’s first adjustable prostate massager. The Edge should take you to the edge with dual vibrating motors. The Osci has been made to be a vibrator that hits the g spot with a unique curved design and vibrating head. All of these models are bluetooth compatible so that you can have fun with yourself or with someone else as well. There is so much to look forward to with these new toys coming out that I know that lovense will continue  to grow their fan base. You can check out the new offerings at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sex-tech-for-every-bedroom-lovense or even contribute and get your own toy. Low                                             Medium                                          High
Low                                             Medium                                          High Low                                             Medium                                          High

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