If you’re looking for the world’s greatest make masturbation device look not further than the almighty FLESHLIGHT….

Already have the Fleshlight or looking for a new type of male masturbator or sex toy? You don’t need to look any further, as our friends in Japan have created a few that will blow your mind among other parts….literally.

One of the latest male sex masturbator toys that’s available on the market today is the A10 Piston Robotic Masturbator which is used with the R-1 Base Unit.

It’s easy to imagine how the A10 Piston Robotic Masturbator will significantly enhance your Oculus Rift porn experience, but since many people may be unfamiliar with this product and many others may not  know what’s out there in the world of Japanese male sex toys, we want to give you the details on this gem, so you can decide for yourself.

Before giving you the details on the A10 Piston Robotic Masturbator, it’s important to understand that this product requires that you have the R-1 Base Unit. The R-1 Base Unit is essentially a controller that can control many different accessories or sex toys, from clitoral stimulators, to vibrating g-spot wands, to robotic masturbators for men, including the A10 Piston that I’ll discuss later. Using the controller. you can control the many functions of each individual sex toy, whether it be speed, vibration, rotation and so on. It’s designed to be a controller for a multitude of products and the products just keep getting better so the $45 USD you spend on the R-1 Base Unit is pretty modest in our opinion. You can buy it here.

Here’s a visual of the R-1 Base Unit

R1- Base Unit
R1- Base Unit

Like the best-selling sex toy in America, The Fleshlight, The A10 Piston is one of the most popular and newest best selling male masturbators in Japan and now that it can easily be purchased and shipped throughout the world, it no-doubt will become an instant MUST-HAVE male Masturbator world-wide. Check out Kanojo Toys for the A10 Piston and other Japanese sex toys and products.

the A10 Piston is a robotic masturbator that creates a piston-like up-and-down effect on your cock. It focuses on 8 different variations along with multiple speeds and power. It literally jerks you, sucks you and grinds your entire member like very few (if any) previous male robotic sex masturbators have been able to do this successfully. The Japanese don’t mess around and this sex toy is well beyond anything I’ve seen in the USA currently. All that is needed is for you to plug in the A10 Piston into the R-1 base unit and let it take control like you’ve never experienced. There are many different setting so not only is this robotic and doing all the work, you can replicate the motion in the Oculus sex porn games for complete ecstasy.   There is an AC power adapter that is included you can add extra power. The A10 Piston costs $151 USD and can be purchased and shipped worldwide on Kanojo Toys. Check out there site to buy the A10 Piston and to check out other Japanese sex toys on the market.

A10 Piston Robotic Masturbator

The A10 Piston is the new and improved version of the smaller Cyclone, which was a similar but smaller robotic sex toy that is also compatible with the R1- Base Unit however; the Cyclone had a lot less functions and power than the new A10 Piston. The A10 Piston has many more variations of the back and forth motion with also more speeds and power. Check out the video which shows the comparison. The video pretty much speaks for itself, but I can also vouch for the A10 Piston as I had to order it a few months back to see if it was worth the hype and it definitely is! This toy is definitely going to be a nice addition to the Oculus Rift porn experience but even on it’s own it’s pretty spectacular.


The basic specs of the A10 Piston are as follows:

11.2 inches long (28.5 cm), 1.5 lbs (695 grams) and is powered by the R-1 Base Unit. (Note: you can add the AC Adapter for extra power)

Remember: To avoid any disappointment, remember when you order the A10 Piston that you also need the the $45 R-1 Base Unit. They have combined shipping, if you’re outside of Japan (including the US, Canada and Europe), so stock up and take advantage of the discounts!

Update – 12 /1/16 At this time the A10 Piston Maturbator is out of stock. Check out the lovense Max automatic masturbator

Lovense Max

Lovense Max

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