Leave it up to the Japanese to continue pushing the envelop of the virtual reality sex experiences. A team of developers (not sure who exactly, so if anyone knows please leave a comment below so that I can give credit) have paired the Oculus Rift with a Novint Falcon and a Tenga.

For those of you who are not familiar with the later two devices let me give you some insight (I had to educate myself as well before writing this).

The Novint Falcon is a gaming device that is usually used to control in game gun controls and a like. Here’s video of the device in action:

Tenga is company that designs male masturbation devices similar to the Fleshlight. The device that’s featured in the video below is a “cup” design and it can be viewed in more detail here on their main site.


Put these 3 devices together, and a great game like 3D Custom Maid and you get the following video demo:

Now, you may not think this is anything special, but it’s really the first technology that we’ve seen that is capable of visualizing sexual acts without input from the user. Essentially you should (once properly developed) sit back in your favorite lounge chair and get a hand job from a virtual maid. Note also, that although they’re using a Tenga for the demo there’s no reason why using a Fleshlight wouldn’t also be equally entertaining.

This is really what’s been missing in the virtual reality porn niche from the very start. Although erotic role playing games seem interesting they may have a tendency to get old without any real sexual stimulation (other than self stimulation of course). The real goal is to develop a virtual reality that allows the user to experience something that is as close to sex as possible. With these type of ideas it looks like we’re getting pretty close to something exciting.

Even without an interactive game like 3D custom maid this application would be awesome. How about simply watching regular porn on the rift with the Novint jerking you off. Much better than doing it yourself. But, really it seems like the biggest appeal for most will be the interaction with the characters on the screen.

The real question is whether developers of games like 3D xChat and the upcoming Wicked Paradise game will integrate hardware such as Novint Falcon into their game play.

I think the question is not how or who, but really when. The demand for such a technology is immense and those that can simulate the sexual experience as poised to capture a significant market.

As much as I would love to rail on about wanting to demo this setup I can’t really try anything out until I receive my Rift. It was ordered back in October and I’m expecting delivery late November. Should have an update to everyone shortly.



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  1. surely this could have an attachment that girls would enjoy too 🙂 it’s not only guys that pleasure themselves surely… partners could live link to each other, and each others movements sent thru this system? linked to a 2 camera live feed for real fpv viewing of each other… not just virtual reality, but reality… like the live f’in-machine girls on vstroker… but with a gimbal to control the 2 cameras to track your head movement too from the rift sensors… long distance relationships could maybe last better while you have to be appart… maybe??

    1. I like the idea, but even for long distance relationships I’m not sure how many people would use it? Perhaps they would if it was easy to setup. Right now it’s hard to tell as the technology is moving really fast and a lot of new stuff is going to be launched next year.


  2. I think the idea is quite nice actually… masturbating with whatever content you want to and having the sensation of “being done!”… people is quite closed minded… some years ago I got myself a fleshlight (even if I have a grilfriend) and I quite enjoy it… on the other hand, my friends always laugh at it when I tell them is waaaaay much better than the hand!

    I got myself the oculus DK2, and I haven’t found any interactive experience yet… and I am quite surprised, could it be there is not many units yet, so it won’t give much benefits?
    Anyway, I got myself a novint falcon (well, to play shooters :P) but this setup with the custom maid 3D game which apparently has rift support(I hope DK2 too) and the tenga I woudn’t mind it at all… but for what I have seen, you need a special adaptor to hook up the tenga to the novint falcon and I suppose you need also the update of the game with the novint falcon compatibility… so Jesse, do you know a bit about it? where to get both things?

    1. I’m thinking that the majority of adult content devs will want to wait until a consumer version of the Rift is out before taking the risk of putting time and resources towards supporting a product that they are not sure will succeed.
      For this reason we aren’t finding much in the way of good adult content yet, but you can bet it will happen.

      As far as the tenga/falcon setup goes, I’m really not sure. I’m pretty sure it was more of a one-off proof of concept than anything else, so if you aren’t tech-savvy enough to figure it out you will likely have to wait for something consumer-oriented to be released.
      Although I have to say that it would be pretty damn cool.

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