Cherry 2000.  

While most of you are probably thinking that sounds like a missed marketing opportunity for the worlds biggest cola company a decade or so ago, and it might be a tad bit before some of your time, this sexy post-apocalyptic romp through the wastelands of the year 2017 was largely responsible for fueling the fantasies of many would be cyber-sexual adventurers for generations to come; and while some of you will no doubt think this 80’s b-movie itself might not be so great (I loved it, but I grew up in the 80’s, so this kind of cheese was part of the spread), the concept that surrounds it (that of a future filled with horny sex robots) is an enjoyable idea indeed, even if it’s best iteration so far has been limited to cheesy b-movies.
With continual advancements in teledildonics (such as the Vstroker), and virtual reality setups like the Oculus Rift/Novint Falcon/Tenga rig that we seen being demoed last November already workable, we can always hope that perhaps that pleasurable premise isn’t too far off at least, but until then we’ll have to satiate our needs in other (equally futuristic) ways.


Meet Roxxxy, the $7000 sex robot revealed in 2010

Ok, so maybe Roxxxy looks a little “stiff”, (something perhaps more akin to a necrophiles dream date, just remove a limb or two and throw on a little dirt. Ew.), and I have no idea how warm her nether-regions are; but she can talk, and she can… well that’s about it, but that’s at least a step in the proper direction right?
The truth is, by the looks of it (or by the looks of Roxxxy), we are still a long ways off from having our Roomba wife fantasies fulfilled, but who needs that when we have good Virtual Reality? With ultra-realistic devices like the Kanojo fleshlight in combination with the Oculus Rift we will soon be able to indulge in whatever kind of fantasy we can think of, not excluding a VR simulation of a “Cherry-esque” kinky sex robot. Heck, we could even have an entire roomful of sex robots, and I can almost guarantee they’ll look better than Roxxxy!

So although we may in fact not be quite at the point of having a perfect artificial companion (at least in real life) anytime soon, I eagerly anticipate what next interesting and innovative new ways the magnanimous masses of virtual reality porn developers will find to help us simulate our desires (and worry our wives); and while Cherry 2000’s creative conceptualization of carnal circuitry may be a long ways off from the near future (certainly a few years away from 2017), we can at least make that a simulation.

Regardless of that fact I can’t help but feel a tad bit of jealousy towards those individuals who just happen to have a fetish for everything Virtual Reality.

 Just remember, the future is cumming 😉

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  1. I’ll take roxxxy (or something as non-realistic) down with an oculus nova falcon rig. Haha. So would a lot of men. Fuck it. Haha. Not that I don’t prefer a real women but nature calls and roxxxy or some other virtual woman/ alien/ mermaid will be there waiting.

  2. Love dolls that are oculus rift compatible. I wonder what the wife would say? It’s like a controller for my xbox but looks like a women? And is life size. …. Guess I gotta stick with the fleshlight

  3. Oh and any word on any other toys that are out or in process that are going to be or are compatible with the rift?

    1. There is Kiiroo. I talk about it in my latest article if you want to check it out.
      Although it’s not Rift compatible yet the developer Toon Timmersons has high hopes to add support in the future.

  4. How many videos are on the oculus real porn site? Not sure if I should just get the trial version, one month or more? Such better value to go longer but have no idea how many vids there are or how regularily they are adding content? Thanks

    1. Hi, I apologize for the late reply.
      At the moment there are 8 videos on, it appears they have added a few in the last couple of weeks so that is a good thing!

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