The year is winding down and the buzzer is almost about to sound on Christmas shopping. I usually get my shopping done early in the year and take advantage of Black Friday shopping. This year I have been super busy and procrastinated until the end. Never fear someone is going have a sale to save the day. I was an early adapter to masturbating. I started around the age 12. Many people start later. I must admit I have a sex addiction. Even after having sex with my girlfriend I still have to masturbate. There are two types of people in the world. Those who masturbate and those who lie about it.

I always like a good deal and right now there is a really great deal going on over at where you can buy 2 fleshlights and get 1 free. That’s right. Get 2 for yourself and give the other away as a gift. What better way to say I’m thinking about you this Christmas season than with a fleshlight of their own. What is really exciting about this offer is that each of these fleshlights are customizable. That means you can choose the make and feel of the fleshlight. You get to choose which hole you are putting it in such as pussy, butt, mouth or butt cheeks. From there you can choose the sensation as well and we’re talking over 10 different sensations to choose from.

I know fleshlights have been around for a while. If you have one already or thinking about getting one this 2 for 1 deal is too exciting to pass up. With all the things you can give this Christmas, give the gift of love with a custom built fleshlight. Give 2 away and keep 1 for yourself. Keep 2 for yourself and give 1 away. Whatever you do, do not miss this deal.


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