By far the biggest advantage virtual reality porn has over old boring regular porn (ok ok, normal porn is still cool too) is that it takes us out of one reality, and puts us into another – aka immersion; and while taking part in such an immersive viewing experience is definitely more involving than getting off to images or videos of people having sex on a 2d screen (or magazine, do people still use those?) we are still limited to being passive observers of the experience, just sitting back and fapping (or jilling) away to something that looks like we can reach out and touch it, but we are always left with the unsatisfying realization that we just can’t…
Or can we?

Coolest kid in class.

I’m sure the majority of you out there have heard of the very popular, primarily male sex toy company, Fleshlight; after all, their ads are posted up on almost every single adult website in existence (if you’ve followed our blog for some time, we have also written about them previously here), some of you likely even own one or a few! So while the Fleshlight is limited to getting you off, what if I told you there was a simple way to transform it into an internet enabled teledildonic device, allowing you to get her off (or him, if you own a FleshJack) as well?
Well rejoice because there is (who’da thunk?) and it’s called, the Vstroker!

While the idea of having sex long distance is likely nothing new for long-time visitors of our site (we have covered a number of various teledildonic devices in the past), what sets apart the VStroker from other similar devices is the fact that you can just clip it onto your already existing Fleshlight (provided you have one of course), plug the wireless dongle into your USB port and enjoy! The device will then monitor and transmit your movements (well, the movements of your penis anyhow), enabling you to interact with a wide range of different sexual applications, other people, and videos as well. Which basically makes every Fleshlight one of the coolest long-distance sex tools you could ever have.
Along with this versatility for long-distance humping, the Vstroker enjoys a growing list of support for various interactive adult games, including Virtual SexVilla and a title many of you will be familiar with, Red Light Center (RLC 2.0 is VR enabled, now you see why this is a good fit for VR?); and with millions of already existing Fleshlight owners out there, it’s a pretty safe bet that most any teledildonic enabled application will have Vstroker support, and if it doesn’t, let the developers know about Vstroker and it is highly likely it will very soon.

The only downside to the product that we can see (in relation to other teledildonics devices) is the fact that it only works one way, meaning the other party can feel you, but you can’t feel them. But given the Vstrokers ease of use, as well as its affordability ($50 gets you a Vstroker, 3 interactive videos, 5 stamina training videos, 14 day membership to the site and some 3D Glasses. $100 will get you all that with the Fleshlight included) I have to say the Vstroker is currently the best such device we have covered thus far.


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  1. Read about this a while back on your site- maybe a year ago. Hesitated to get one since I didn’t know if it would take off and side only had a few videos. It seems like it’s taking off now- tons of videos on the site and good to hear it’s compatible with other games. Think it’s time to pick one up

  2. Anyone out there has tried this? Is it worth it?

  3. And what other games does it work with

  4. It is actually pretty dead tech. The Vstroker company has not com eout with anything new in quite some time. It is pretty much abandoned by the devs. Plenty of posts about the lack of new content and broken promises by the company over at the fleshlight forums. They even blatantly lie on their website saying “new animated content released monthly”, Yet we got only around half a dozen vids .

    It was a neat idea that could have taken off if the company kept releasing content but they just stopped. Works with 3dxchat pretty half assed if at all. Have not tried with redlight because lets be honest. that games grafix are like watching the Flintstones. There are a few movies worth watching on their website. But bear in mind all the content is very Vanilla except for a few animated cgi vids. There is no Anal and no Homosexual content. The films are very basic . They have a few stamina trainers and hero vids. These are pretty simple just follow a lil box telling you to speed up or slow down. The normal Vstroker videos were alright ,where the actual video plays at a speed that you are moving the device at. But sadly they have not produced any new ones.

    The company seems to have launched their Webcam girl site and pretty much cut all resources going into any type of new content. II have yet to bother trying the cam model stuff because my idea of fun is not paying for pleasure by the minute at obscene prices.

    Basically, It is cool tech that had a chance to be great but the devs behind it slacked for some reason or another and it died. Take your money elsewhere and have fun. I do not recommend this to device until we have more content and that does not look like it will happen in the near future.

    Signed by a unsatisfied customer and tech enthusiast.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Do you recommend any alternatives?


    2. A lot of new content was added recently, including the stamina training and 3.0 series. There’s a free video of each on the promo page.

  5. Yes I’ve tried the Vstroker. You have to have an active monthly subscription to be able enjoy the movies. Works as it should. I think I’d would have liked the action to be more synchronous though; even after messing with the sensitivity settings multiple times. Basically when you stroke, the program responds. I would have liked it if I could mount the fleshlight somewhere, but it needs the up/down movement for it to function. Jeff had provided prompt and awesome service through my experiences. I think it’s worth giving it shot and try it out with other compatible games like Sex Villa.

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