Have you ever thought about what sort of influence Virtual Reality porn may have on the world collectively?
I mean, how is the large-scale habitual consumption (much like regular porn today) of immersive sexual entertainment going to effect the generations of tomorrow?
It’s an interesting question and one that I feel beckons some consideration.
Not that I think that daily consumption of plentiful amounts of virtual tits and ass is going to be a bad thing necessarily, but I have read a few studies regarding pornography and how it effects the brains of it’s regular users and abusers; and if viewing normal porn on the internet can alter the structure of the brain, imagine the potential that virtual reality porn must have; and how that may effect us porn-addicts in the long-term.

Are we at risk of losing hold of the natural compassion humans exhibit during physical affection (lovemaking), and sliding into an unnatural state characterized by seeing “analog” sex as dirty or unnecessary? Will our ever-growing desire to make virtual love to virtual beings escalate the process of humanities detachment from it’s willingness to experience raw life, free of augmentation?
Ok, so I may have gone off on a little tangent there (I bet you thought I was going to talk about our brains shrinking or something), but when part of your day-to-day is looking at and thinking about virtual reality porn as much as possible, you think of these sort of things; and yes, brain shrinking is there as well; and if it happens with regular porn, it’s only logical to assume it will happen with the virtual stuff.

But I digress; and VR porn might have a positive effect as well (or instead); Ideally, it will not only enable people to practice – and master – the social rituals that are most often a precursor to a successful sexual interaction (in other words, get laid); but it might also help those individuals who suffer from the difficult (and often cock-blocking) process known as “performance anxiety”, saving those who would otherwise most probably live their lives in seclusion and/or embarrassment by enabling them with the quasi-mystical sexual-prowess that supreme confidence bestows.

What do you guys (and gals) think? Will we ultimately end up like those fat people who don’t move from the movie Wall-E (except with teledildonics devices attached)? Or will we turn out to be sexual gods and goddesses due to a proliferation of practice in the arts of virtual seduction and sensuality?

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