Drunk or Dead – A New Wave For Zombie Shooters

If you’re like me and the majority of the VR gaming public, then you’re probably tired of wave shooters. For the most part, they all feel the same and you can see everything that they have to offer in about an hour or less. Unless you’re ultra competitive or love to replay things just to get a higher score, chances are you won’t return to most VR wave shooters that you play. I know I don’t. But when a developer understands that and instead of trying to reinvent the wheel just makes something polished with a clever twist and sells it for a fair price, it’s almost as good as if it were something brand new in the first place. That’s the camp that Drunk or Dead, a new wave shooter from indie developer 4 I Lab, falls into. The core premise behind Drunk or Dead is simple, silly, and fun. In […]

Twitter Photoshop’s Guy at Adult VR Expo

If there is one thing that some people are rightfully concerned with when it comes to VR (and especially VR Porn) is the fact that once you have that headset on and you are immersed, there is nothing you can really do to stop people from doing whatever they want to you, including snapping photos of you while you are deeply involved in some, ahem, VR Porn. Luckily for this guy who was at the recent adult VR expo in Japan that isn’t the case, but it didn’t stop some merry pranksters from photoshopping his escapades to suit their own fantasies and what results is one of the strangest posts we have written in some time. The original image of the guy in question had him wearing a VR headset while he was on his knees bending backwards and holding onto a headless blow-up-doll while he was getting his freak […]

Will Resident Evil 7 be too scary in VR?

A Resident Evil 7 advertisement poster, with a RE logo superimposed on a white background

Horror games are an immensely popular genre that tons of people love and enjoy, however, people with certain health problems that may be exacerbated by stressful situations, like high blood pressure, may be recommended to avoid them. What will happen when we take the immersion to a whole new level and put them into VR? I mean, VR Porn can’t get too sexy, but can certain virtual reality horror games be too scary for people? Will VR horror games be unsafe to play due to health issues, and are we predestined to hear that in the near future people will be getting heart attacks due to the Rift and other VR devices? Resident Evil 7 is coming out soon for VR, the rest of the series was excellent and pretty damn scary (if any of the first 6 games terrified you, you’re in for a treat). Let’s face it, if […]

VR Porn without Teledildonics is like being a guy without a dick.

In all of the last couple of years that I have been reviewing and enjoying various types of VR Porn, I have, for the most part, not really thought much or cared much about whether or not I was fapping away solo with my hand (as per the usual method) or utilizing some sort of masturbatory aid (sex toy) to give my hand a… hand. While I have spent a good deal of time writing about a few of the better teledildonic devices (long distance haptic sex toys for the uninitiated) out there, and one would assume I must own a few, for the most part my experiences with such technology has been limited to listening to user accounts about the experience, or seeing a technical demo where I have only been able to verify that the product works the way it is intended and used that to build off […]

Virtual Reality: Revolutionizing How We View the World

The Recent announcement by the media giant, CNN, that they will be streaming the US Democratic presidential debate in Virtual reality is evidence that VR is already revolutionizing how we view things world over. The Democratic debate scheduled for October 13, 2015, will be the first ever live news event to stream live in VR. This comes barely a fortnight after Disney led other investors in investing $65 million on Jaunt, a Silicon Valley startup specializing in VR. To say, VR is the next big thing is an understatement. It’s a revolution whose time has come. Understanding Virtual Reality (VR) This turn of events begs the question, “What is virtual reality and why is it sending users and enthusiasts into a frenzy?” Well, let us decipher virtual reality. Understanding virtual reality Virtual reality (VR) is an environment an artificial environment that is 3-Dimensional generated using a computer software and is […]

The Ethics of Robot Sex – A Prudish Endeavor

Campaign against sex robots Logo

As if things in the world of future sex weren’t already strange enough, a Japanese mobile and robotics company, SoftBank, has felt it necessary to warn potential buyers of its highly advanced social robot “Pepper” against having sex or engaging in “indecent behavior” with the robot; to the degree where engaging in lascivious acts with the bot could result in disciplinary measures being taken against the offending party. Although how the company would even know is somewhat of a mystery (and how the company thinks sex with a robot clearly not designed with that aim in mind is even possible). What is even stranger still is that the motion seems to echo the sentiments of a growing group of people who believe that not only sex with robots like Pepper is wrong, but that sex with robots in its entirety is something that humans just should not do. Led by […]

Illusion Play Club VR Mod sets an example of Adult VR Modding done right.

Play Club VR Girl exposing panties

A couple of years back, following the overwhelming success of the Oculus Kickstarter and when the first round of devkits finally started to arrive on the doorsteps of eager developers and enthusiasts the world over, I was horny (I am almost always horny) and got to thinking about just how awesome it would be if we could one day experience games like Sexy Beach Zero, or the Artificial Girl series in virtual reality; The Illusion games (as well as thriXXX and those iconic titles of Larry Laffer fame), were a large part of what constituted my consumption of adult material over the last few decades, and given how they are all played out in 3D they seemed like a natural fit for VR HMD’s. In fact, it was these kind of thoughts that lead me to this job. (…and thus my introduction to the many varied interests that the world of VR Porn has to offer […]

Zenimax lawsuit could spell trouble for Rift-Porn.

Remember that lawsuit that we heard about earlier in the year between Palmer and Zenimax? You know, the one where Zenimax (these guys are the parent company to Bethesda, id, Arkane Studios and more) sounded like it was whining about the misappropriation of trade secrets in order to get what is quite likely a rather undeserved peace of the VR pie; all because Palmer Luckey and John Carmack decided to get together and trade a bit of info in order to get VR off the ground? Well it turns out a judge has decided to keep the lawsuit moving forwards, denying movements to dismiss the (ridiculous sounding) case altogether. Which, while in my opinion isn’t likely, will hopefully not be something that delays or even prevents completely the launch of the consumer version of the Oculus Rift – and Oculus Rift Porn. Now before you go thinking I’m just addled […]

Has Oculus introduced the holy grail of VR Porn gaming?

Ah, E3. The Electronics Entertainment Expo. There isn’t a single video game geek out there in the world that doesn’t look forward to this time every year with rapt enthusiasm waiting with baited breath for the coolest new games and gaming devices to be announced, and rarely (if ever) does it disappoint. This year however, with consumer VR just on the horizon, has proven to be a little more exciting than most; and with Oculus founder Palmer Luckey having finally revealed what the company has been working on as a solution to VR input, and while some people may not agree (check out this article on how Iribe told Nathan Grayson from Kotaku that touch is built for games and not designed for adult experiences) we think it looks to be pretty exciting for VR Porn lovers (aka: the readers of this blog) as well! Dubbed “HalfMoon” throughout its development phase, Oculus Touch is […]


The  anticipated debut has arrived as Cumfundme.com has gone live as of May 11th. Following a few hiccups, the site appears to be running smoothly. CumFundMe.com is aiming to be the biggest adult only crowd funding site. A site aimed solely at the adult entertainment industry, we hope that more funding will be directed towards virtual reality and teledildonic area of the adult industry. Other crowdfunding sites like indigogo.com have helped fund some great VR ideas/films/technology as well as adult products (AutoBlow2) , but this site should provide a more direct spot to be noticed for those looking to support the virtual reality in the adult context. That being said, there will undoubtedly be a ton of miscellaneous shit that you will need to flog through- cam girls, boob jobs, porn everything, etc. Regardless there will definitely be some gems produced on this site over time. Since the site has been live only a couple weeks, there are […]