If there is one thing that some people are rightfully concerned with when it comes to VR (and especially VR Porn) is the fact that once you have that headset on and you are immersed, there is nothing you can really do to stop people from doing whatever they want to you, including snapping photos of you while you are deeply involved in some, ahem, VR Porn.
Luckily for this guy who was at the recent adult VR expo in Japan that isn’t the case, but it didn’t stop some merry pranksters from photoshopping his escapades to suit their own fantasies and what results is one of the strangest posts we have written in some time.

The original image of the guy in question had him wearing a VR headset while he was on his knees bending backwards and holding onto a headless blow-up-doll while he was getting his freak on in VR playing some anime VR Porn game, judging by what is seen on the monitor. Apparently, he was having so much fun he didn’t realize he was being recorded (or didn’t care) and most certainly had no idea what would come of the images once the internet had gotten ahold of them!


Agreeing to have your picture taken is one thing, having those pictures then distributed and altered to show you fucking Donald Trump Drumpf (not a fan), a robot, Kanye West (I’d love to hear Kanye’s thoughts on this one) and more, is an entirely different story. Although by the looks of it this is the kind of fun-loving guy that really couldn’t care less about what the rest of the world thinks of him, so I would imagine he is just as happy either way. After all, he was at an Adult VR Expo right?  It didn’t stop at Kanye though, there were also photoshops of the guy humping some window animals, a Terminator robot, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and he even got to spend some time as a male stripper on stage with some other male strippers.

So, take a look at the pics and let us know if you think this was at least somewhat interesting to read, even if it was just for a few lols.

And, as a final note dafuq

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