If you are a fan of Virtual Reality porn (you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t) but don’t have a VR Headset yet (or just want another one, because VR is so fucking awesome) you will be happy to know that popular VR Porn company, HoloGirls is showing their, ahem, altruistic side, by offering new users a 100% Free (S&H included) Virtual Reality Headset (of a $50 value) with every purchase of a new membership package.

That great little deal comes with a subscription of any of their membership tiers, ranging from 1 Month recurring (a $19.99 value) up to and including their 12 Month plan at $179.99 (also recurring); and considering the annual membership is already a somewhat substantial savings of $59.89 off the regular Monthly price, adding a free VR Headset into the mix is a fricking good deal indeed.

You could be watching this...
You could be watching this…

If you are perhaps a complete stranger to the service (and/or still aren’t really privy to what exactly VR Porn is in the first place) let me explain that they are one of the more premium offerings of Adult-Oriented Virtual Reality videos, with all of their movies running with fully immersive 180°-360° headtracking, enticing and erotic binaural audio and some of the best top porn stars the adult industry has at its disposal. In other words, they are awesome.

The giveaway isn’t without it’s caveats though. The headset itself is a High Quality VR Box 2, but you need a relatively newer smartphone to make use of it (you can browse to the site here and look under the “Premium Headset Model” heading under the “Terms and Conditions” page linked on page), and the promotion is only on for another 6 days from the date of this post. So hurry up and get one while they are still available!

And don’t worry if you are concerned that shipping time will cut into you enjoying that new subscription you just bought (or are going to buy as soon as you are done reading this blog post); In order to allow their viewers (that’s you!) to be able to make good use of the promotion, HoloGirls will extend anybody’s subscription who takes part in the offer, by ten full days, in order to make up for any lost time that the headsets are en-route to your doorstep, and into your well-worked hands.

...with this.
…with this.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already done so, you are missing out on time that could be better spent virtually fucking the likes of well-known porn stunner AJ Applegate, or the very beautiful, extremely fuckable newcummer to the scene, Mia Madison. You aren’t going to see a great deal like this come along very often, so get your wallet out and your cock ready, and get your ass over to HoloGirlsVR and buy your subscription already (then, be sure to come back here when you have had the chance to try it and leave a comment so your fellow VR Porn lovers can know just how awesome it is).

See ya on the flipside!


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