Alcatel in the US market has been known to be one of the lower end Android phones that companies enticed you with to switch to their cellular company. Alcatel has really started to make a name for itself and try to distinguish itself from the low end crowd and try to play with the big boys. Not quite a Samsung or LG but Alcatel has really started to shine. Their newest addition to the Android family is the Idol 4S. This phone can be bought separately or with a package deal including the Alcatel VR headset.

The vr headset is designed to work only with the Alcatel Idol 4S so just like the Samsung VR you have to have one of their phones to use the headset. The phone itself features a 5.5 inch screen so there is a lot of space for display and is pretty even in size to most phones today.

The Alcatel VR headset runs about $60 by itself but you can only use it with the Idol 4S so might as well buy it as a package. Alcatel had their thinking caps on when they decided to drop this number right around the holidays. Right now if you shoot over to the Alcatel website you can pick up the two for $399.99. This package deal also includes JBL headphones, Incipio phone case and a screen protector.

Idol 4s Phone

The vr headset features two buttons located at the bottom of the headset that can be used as an action button and a back button. I could not find any measurements or weight at the Alcatel website. I’m going to assume that it is pretty similar in size and weight as your other vr headsets on the market.

Will anybody buy the new Alcatel VR headset? That is a good question. With so many different types of headsets on the market why would you pick up one from Alcatel. Walk into any store now days and you can easily purchase a vr headset for around $20. Google cardboard runs you around $7. I don’t see any end in sight when it comes to the virtual reality world. Many people think that this vr thing may just be a fad but everyday there are new companies emerging with their own version of vr headsets. I don’t own an Alcatel phone but I know plenty of people that do. I like many others become loyal to a brand and I stick with it until they let me down.

I can see avid Alcatel users rejoicing over this new vr, phone combo deal. Alcatel phones have started to prove that they can keep up with the bigger guys. Now with the introduction into vr they should be able to continue to push forward and reach new customers as well as achieve higher standards. I really can’t wait to see what the next year brings in. Let us welcome Alcatel into the family of vr and see if they will continue to improve, innovate and stun us.

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