Samsung gear VR for just $99

VR has for some time now been largely associated with the pricey Oculus Rift and HTC, which are soon hitting the shelves at $599 and $800 respectively. These two headsets are among the pioneering VR headsets that have heralded the revolution and the growing interest in VR technology. They have however been considered as very costly and hence inaccessible to the larger population. In a bid to bridge this gap of availability, Samsung has just launched a headset set to retail for as little at about $99. Unlike the Google Cardboard headset, it does not have the finite limitations. The new Samsung Headset has been termed by CNET as the best VR headset you can buy. A simple glance at the gadget can give you a wrong impression the kind you would get from the cheap $15 cardboard style headsets that have recently flocked the shelves. A closer examination will, […]

Virtual reality porn, the new form of reality

The line between the real and the virtual world keeps diminishing every passing day. The moment you cannot distinguish between what’s real and what’s virtual then you know the line is no more. Virtual reality porn offers you that moment. It offers you the chance to live in both real and virtual worlds without you knowing when you have crossed from one to another. It takes you to places you have never been before and possibly won’t want to get out of. It is an immersive experience certain to leave a vivid memory in your life. It’s the future we have all been waiting for. Virtual reality porn is more than immersive; it’s intimate. Naughty America is one of the pioneering companies to venture into this form of adult entertainment. With just about two dozen VR porn videos produces, VR porn is already eliciting profound interest. Many technological enthusiasts have […]

VR Bangers vows to make VR porn readily available to all devices

VR Bangers is one of the pioneers globally to produce VR porn in 360 degrees. The company is seeking to take VR porn mainstream by offering ultra-realistic and immersive experiences on all devices including smartphones. Since it was founded two years ago, VR Bangers has always vowed to address the boredom felt by viewers while watching regular porn. It seeks to give viewers a chance to live their wildest of fantasies. The company is currently engaged in directing and production of VR porn. VR Bangers also doubles up as a technology company. It offers a web platform which features online streaming in UHD 4k resolution hence offering the most realistic VR porn experience imaginable. VR Bangers combines their lifelike video quality with binaural sound in a bid to create a very immersive experience. The company is offering immersive content for all devices including phones, tablets (both running on either iOS […]

Zuckerberg exploring potential use of VR beyond games

Virtual Reality has featured so much in the gaming industry that enthusiasts are expecting it to soon be an intricate part of it. Mike Zuckerberg is not about to take that sitting down, though. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s co-founder and CEO, took Samsung Mobile World Congress by surprise when he revealed that already more than a million hours of video has been watched in VR. He also revealed that Facebook has created a team that is set to explore VR’s potential beyond games. Ever since acquiring Oculus Rift, Zuckerberg has made known his profound interest in VR. Mark Zuckerberg, during his appearance at the conference, explained that millions of people are already watching 360 videos on Facebook. He added that more than 20,000 of them had already been added while hundreds of them being added daily. The “Social VR” team is tasked with other kinds of non-games content for VR headsets. […]


The future of immersive VR pornography is here! PrimaVR just released a hologram sex video. Besides being the world’s video of the kind, it’s clear evidence that with VR technology, anybody can become a porn star at the comfort of their home and without the threat of STI’s. The tech startup is using the Oculus Rift headset and leaps motion stereo to deliver on the desire of many porn enthusiasts of seeing themselves in the virtual world. Leap Motion and Oculus started supporting each other’s products last year. Oculus Rift had by itself spearheaded numerous innovations in the VR world as evidenced by various projects like gaming exoskeleton and omnidirectional treadmill. By itself, though, it wasn’t able to deliver on mixed reality. Leap Motion technology now enables Oculus Rift users to see and manipulate virtual objects in the air in front of you just as you would if they were […]


Ever imagined how it feels to view the action from the protagonist’s point of view? Well, imagine no more. Virtual Reality now allows you to be part of the action. Skybound Entertainment last year shot an 11-part series called ‘Gone.’ The series whose first episode was released in December 2015 is about a mother’s quest to find her lost daughter. The series was produced exclusively for Samsung’s Gear VR headset. Gone was shot using a custom-made camera capable of capturing a 360 point of view. This made it necessary to hide both the crew and the equipment when the camera was rolling. The scenes were shot in one take. The captured material was then quickly stitched together within an hour to allow the team to preview it with Samsung Gear VR headsets. The series blends both linear story telling with more interactive VR capabilities. The viewer has the options of […]


Virtual reality got unprecedented attention during the just concluded Adult Entertainment EXPO in Las Vegas. It elicited mixed reactions from various players in the adult entertainment industry with many viewing it optimistically while a few exhibited some pessimism over the same. The expo also featured the upcoming California ballot measure and piracy among other challenges rocking the industry. Besides offering fans a chance to meet their stars, this year’s expo offered VR companies an opportunity to find what the industry thinks of their products and what it expects of them. Alex Helmy, the founder of Xbiz, termed VR as an emerging ray of hope. He further echoed the sentiments of many people that VR would be the next big wave for the porn business. He reiterated his hope that it would have a good impact, unlike Blu-Ray which he claims hardly had any impact. Ann Lee, president of Holofilm, shared […]


Virtual Reality witnessed a lot of fame in 2015 with its popularity growing across the globe. In 2016, VR is expected to grow even more. It’s expected to be a mainstream consumer purchase this year. It’s supposed to change people’s experiences and expectations across all industries. A report by indicates that 30 million VR headsets are expected to be shipped across the world by 2020.Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, and Google have already made significant investments in VR technology. Most of them are expected to launch their VR headsets this year. The headsets are expected to retail between $100 and $599. VR technology is capable of creating a full immersion experience able to trick the brain. By sending images to the brain so quickly, the brain cannot tell whether what it is seeing is real or not. By creating a psychological presence, VR makes the mind believe what it sees. Studies […]


  Crytek is prominent for its CryEngine technology. This gaming giant just opened up a technological center at Bahcesehir University (BAU) in Istanbul. The Center is dedicated to innovative Virtual Reality developer and entrepreneurs. This is Crytek’s first VR program and is aimed at attracting young enthusiasts with the hope of spurring innovative ideas through Virtual Reality technology. VR market is estimated to be currently worth $5 billion and is expected to grow up to $30 in 2020. This forecasted growth is eliciting a lot of investment in VR technology by various investors. This month’s launch of the VR center is an affirmation that Crytek wants to join in the band wagon of pioneers. Crytek in collaboration with BAU wants to display the potential of VR and raise awareness of its applications. The center will provide developers with required professional equipment and software. This is the place where new projects […]


Every passing day, virtual reality goes a step further toward filling the gap of loneliness among individuals and bridging the distance between loved ones. It is growing more immersive owing to the emerging technologies. Together with teledildonics, VR brought intimacy into long distance relations and changed how porn is consumed. The combination of VR and leap motion technology has enabled viewers to participate in the virtual world. It has enabled them to see parts of their bodies in the VR world and interact with the hologram actors. Kissenger and ‘hug over a distance’ could add on to the experience hence making VR more immersive than it already is. Kissenger system composes a pair of robots that transfers a kiss over a distance. It acts as a physical interface that enables kiss communication through interactive digital media. It is a brainchild of Dr. Hooman Samani, the founder of Lovotics Research. In […]