Virtual Reality witnessed a lot of fame in 2015 with its popularity growing across the globe. In 2016, VR is expected to grow even more. It’s expected to be a mainstream consumer purchase this year. It’s supposed to change people’s experiences and expectations across all industries. A report by indicates that 30 million VR headsets are expected to be shipped across the world by 2020.Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, and Google have already made significant investments in VR technology. Most of them are expected to launch their VR headsets this year. The headsets are expected to retail between $100 and $599.


VR technology is capable of creating a full immersion experience able to trick the brain. By sending images to the brain so quickly, the brain cannot tell whether what it is seeing is real or not. By creating a psychological presence, VR makes the mind believe what it sees. Studies have shown that VR headset can actually affect human behavior by reinforcing positive actions. In the wake of this growth in the VR industry, several companies are expected to benefit from this and other capabilities of VR technology. Thy include;

  • Sports
    VR can simulate the actual field experience allowing players to prepare adequately for game situations. This is already being put to practice in Stanford and Vanderbilt University to help in training quarterbacks. With the launch of a variety of headsets this year, we hope the adoption of the technology in sporting will grow.
  • Health
    VR is already being used to treat soldiers with PTSD. Virtual Iraq, an award-winning VR app is used to take the soldier back to the sights, sounds and smells of the traumatic event hence reducing effects of PTSD.
    VR is also being used to improve chemo experience by reducing pain and nausea. It also makes the chemo treatment feel faster than it actually is. More and more uses of VR are expected to crop up soon.
  • Entertainment
    The adult entertainment industry is already tapping into this emerging technology. Those who have tried VR porn have referred to it as extraordinarily amazing. They have lauded the immersive experience and described as sparingly realistic. Facebook and You have also launched 360-degree video networks. How would it feel to watch your favorite action series? We may be fortunate to find out soon.
  • Business
    Soon you may not need to travel across states or even continents for business meetings and conferences. VR has the ability to improve the communication across the globe. It has the long-awaited capability to make teleconferencing more immersive and involving than it already is.

The application of VR is of course not limited to these areas of our lives. These are just the foreseeable target areas with some already using the technology. More areas are going to be adopting this technology. Given the rate of growth exhibited by this technology, VR could be the futures sole mode of communication and digital interaction. Its capabilities are limitless, and so are its uses.


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