Virtual reality got unprecedented attention during the just concluded Adult Entertainment EXPO in Las Vegas. It elicited mixed reactions from various players in the adult entertainment industry with many viewing it optimistically while a few exhibited some pessimism over the same. The expo also featured the upcoming California ballot measure and piracy among other challenges rocking the industry. Besides offering fans a chance to meet their stars, this year’s expo offered VR companies an opportunity to find what the industry thinks of their products and what it expects of them.


Alex Helmy, the founder of Xbiz, termed VR as an emerging ray of hope. He further echoed the sentiments of many people that VR would be the next big wave for the porn business. He reiterated his hope that it would have a good impact, unlike Blu-Ray which he claims hardly had any impact. Ann Lee, president of Holofilm, shared the same opinion. She held a Samsung Gear VR in her hand and notably referred to it as “the next baby step” to what she and others hope will revolutionize how porn is captured and consumed.
Lee argued that porn needed to be graduated to a higher level of immersion and viewer experience. She noted that porn is becoming more personal hence the need to stay ahead of conventional technology so as to ensure the industry’s future. She shared her hope that in the future, VR technology will enable male manipulators’ pulses to be paired with action on the screen. This will massively increase viewer experience. She also cautioned VR is getting better and better by day and may soon equal or perform better than reality.
These endorsements of VR technology come at the time when numerous developments are being witnessed in the VR industry. The recent release of the world’s first ever sex hologram video by PrimaVR is evidence that VR has potential of revolutionizing adult entertainment. Many players in the industry have openly embraced while others are rushing to do so. Naughty America is already offering its users VR porn which can be viewed on Samsung Rift VR or Google Cardboard. PrimaVR has promised to offer more than a ground-breaking viewing experience. It’s offering to offer viewers a chance to participate in the porn by interacting with the hologram actress.
HTC and Sony VR are also expected to hit the shelves this year adding on to the few number of VR devices already in the market. This increased number of players is expected to spur innovations in the industry. VRtube and VirtualRealPorn have absorbed the technology and are determined to change how consumers interact with pornography. If the changes witnessed in 2015 is anything to go by, then we should expect tremendous positive changes in pornography viewing this year.

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