Every passing day, virtual reality goes a step further toward filling the gap of loneliness among individuals and bridging the distance between loved ones. It is growing more immersive owing to the emerging technologies. Together with teledildonics, VR brought intimacy into long distance relations and changed how porn is consumed. The combination of VR and leap motion technology has enabled viewers to participate in the virtual world. It has enabled them to see parts of their bodies in the VR world and interact with the hologram actors. Kissenger and ‘hug over a distance’ could add on to the experience hence making VR more immersive than it already is.

Kissenger system composes a pair of robots that transfers a kiss over a distance. It acts as a physical interface that enables kiss communication through interactive digital media. It is a brainchild of Dr. Hooman Samani, the founder of Lovotics Research. In a bid to bring physical touch to actually keeping in touch he came up with this kiss transmitting device in the size of a softball. It has artificial silicon lips underlined with very sensitive pressure sensors. Each robot has a transmitter which communicates with the other robot over the internet. The two partners have to hold the two robots to their lips together at the same time. When either of the partners gives the robot’s lips a kiss, the kiss is replicated on the other end.
Hug over a Distance technology encompasses a piece of a wearable computing vest and a koala. The technology was developed with the goal of adding romance to long distance relationships. The vest is equipped with an air-inflatable vest that can be remotely triggered so as to create a sensation similar to a hug. The koala was used as a placeholder for the corresponding vest. The vest is stylish, and nobody can figure them out even at a close up. The prototypes used the Koala to trigger the hug sensation.

Both these technologies have been around for as Long as VR has been around. The may not have gone mainstream but their potential keeps growing with the growing number of VR innovations. The Kissenger could be a shot in the arm of Leap Motion Technology. Oculus Rift and Leap Motion Technology have recently come up with hologram technology. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if they decided to push their ambition further and try to add touch to the one of a Kind 3D experience. When that time comes, kissenger and ‘Hug over a Distance’ will offer the support they could need.

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