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When you think of Virtual Reality, it is likely that one of the first things that pops into your head is putting on your headset and suddenly an image of a 3D scene suddenly unfolds itself before you in such a fashion that it is almost as if you were in the real world.
While that is what the majority of VR experiences tend to be like, did you know that you can have a very compelling experience in VR without stereoscopy?
Or that filming VR Video in 2Dimensions, can be a tradeoff netting both higher quality and a lack of motion sickness?

VRP360 Girls Bum
Wonderful 360°’s of HOT ASS!

VirtualPorn360 is one such company that chooses not to utilize 3D filming in its virtual reality porn movies. And while you don’t get that “3D feeling” that the depth of a good stereoscopic VR experience gives you, the higher visual quality of the scenes (you can see every little detail on the hot little porn-starlets as they do their thing) combined with the 360° viewing style more than makes up for any perceived “lack” that one may feel dealing with non-stereoscopic material in what is largely regarded as a 3D medium.

Currently, there is a good number of different videos on the site, spanning various themes such as POV (a VR staple), Sloppy Sex, Teens (my favorite), and everything in between; and every single model on the site is absolutely, positively, fuckably gorgeous!
Seriously, where the fuck do they even find people like this?
If you haven’t yet seen the likes of Sabrina Moon, Amber Nevada or Julia Roca fuck and suck their way into VR-sex oblivion, the experience is worth trying for just that alone. Just don’t get caught rockin’ out with your cock out and HMD on, because there will be no explaining away what is happening when everything on the screen looks this good!

As of this moment the service supports a wide-array of HMD devices (Cardboard, Oculus Rift, GearVR, etc.) but I do have to say that the Oculus Rift support here is a little different than what we are accustomed to seeing from other studios. Rather than give you a video download as per the norm, you get a Unity app packaged together in similar fashion to all those demos you have been downloading over the course of the last couple months (years for some).
While it simplify’s setup and most assuredly helps prevent people from ripping the vids, I found myself missing the control I would have had should the video have come in a more standard format.

VRP360 category choice list
Hmmm, choices, choices…

Small price to pay for such quality content though, and the control part is more or less my own personal preference and not necessarily conducive to an optimal experience. After all, VirtualPorn360 knows better than anybody else what looks best for their videos and given that they are meant to be viewed in 360°’s, there isn’t likely much to be gained from fiddling about with FOV settings and the like anyhow.

Speaking of 360°’s and FOV’s, this is another area where VirtualPorn360 diverges from the majority of the pack in the ability their videos give you to look in every direction, rather than being limited to the 180° in front view that most other VR Porn videos lock you in at. Whether or not you like one or the other better is something everybody has to find out individually though, so make sure you give them a try so you can make an opinion on what method you like the best.

Another area where the service really shines (and perhaps the most important to many) is the price! At only $9.99 a month, or $23.97 per 90 days (Annual packages are available for $71.88 which shaves $48 off the monthly cost) this is by far the most affordable VR Porn service I’ve seen; and for what you get in the subscription (unlimited access to all of their videos, as well as no ads and a mobile friendly player) it’s like getting a full-featured VR Porn subscription for close to the cost of a trial subscription on one of the other sites!

Oh, and before I forget to mention it, you can sign up on the site and get busy downloading their vr porn vids absolutely free.
You will want a subscription to get access to the better, more premium content, but if you are strapped for cash or just can’t afford (seriously guys, it’s only 10 bucks a month) to pay the bit of change it costs to get quality 360° Virtual Reality porno for 30 days, there is always the option of going the cheap route.

At least you’ll get a taste of what you’re missing out on!!

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