With another year down and another year ahead (Happy New Years VR Porn Lovers!!), it’s next to impossible not to get excited about what 2015 may hold, especially with the very real possibility that this may be the year of the Oculus Rift consumer release! While 2014 certainly had a lot of smaller things to offer in the world of VR porn (I’m looking at you Reddit) and a couple of more substantial titles, such as pg-productions “Playgirls” and Utherverse’s new “Red Light Center 2.0“, we still have yet to see anything truly captivating come from the adult vr genre, but given the amount of interest that virtual reality has gained over the last year, as well as the massive presence in the HMD space at the current CES I would say it’s a safe bet that 2015 will be the biggest year for VR (and of course, VR Porn) yet; and damned if that isn’t something worth freaking out about (everything in moderation).

Happy New Years!

It is important to remember however, that although Oculus is going into its third year, consumer quality VR is still not really even a thing yet (even the current version of Samsung’s GearVR hardware is labelled as being for “innovators” and isn’t aimed at the general public), so it is understandable that potential developers would want to cut their risks and wait to see how things pan out; even if at this point it is pretty well a sure thing that VR is here to stay. I think it is likely that it will still be at the very least a matter of months before we see things really starting to pick up.
That’s not to say that things aren’t moving along nicely though as far as VR Porn is concerned though. While advancements in that industry have most certainly been somewhat slow moving as far as big-studio content goes, there are some serious players that seem intent on keeping even us early adopters in the loop and part of the fun. XmoonProductions just upgraded their “XStoryPlayer” software to support the DK2 (only available for those who have pledged or donated) and Lollipop VR’s opening demo title “Eve’s moonlight strip” is another good example of how enjoyable a virtual sexual experience can be, even if both still need quite a bit of work; and aside from the sexy software I mentioned earlier – Playgirls and RLC 2.0 – we have the up and coming Club Vixxxen by Otium VR, which although we haven’t tried it yet, looks very good indeed.

Considering how little we had around the same time just one year ago (DK1 anyone?) I’d say things are coming along just peachy.

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  1. I really wish some of these applications were more “plug and play” than they are. I have DK1 and I’m finding it difficult to get any of the VR cams to work properly. I really just want to plug my dick in and get on with it….

    Hopefully once retail launches they’ll be something a little easier to use.

  2. The going isn’t easy for DK1 users I’m afraid, considering it is only the first iteration of a multi-generational development system not many people are developing for it anymore, so any support that is there won’t likely last long.
    Could be time for an upgrade.

  3. I agree, I wish it was at a point where it was more plug and play. It’s way over my head technically, but like you say it’s not intended for the consumer yet – wondering how far things will come this year and if we are really still a few years away? Is another oculus version set to come out anytime soon?

    1. The lack of plug and play functionality and the difficult setting things up is definitely a primary issue as far as usability is concerned; and Oculus has done a good job of making people aware of that, yet there are still loads of people without the necessary experience buying them up and then complaining about how difficult it is to get things running!
      I think there is a very good chance we’ll see a CV1 by the end of the year, but with recent comments by Nate and Palmer, who knows?

      Personally, I agree with the idea that it needs to be done just right and Oculus should make sure it is before even thinking about a consumer launch. I don’t think we’ll be waiting past 2016 at any rate.

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