Virtual Sex Beats Real Sex – At least that is what the catch phrase found on, the website showcasing the his and her teledildonic devices “Max” and “Nora”, would have you believe. In a similar way to other teledildonic for couples devices we have covered, such as the Kiiroo “Opue” and “SVir” or the Lovepalz “Hera S” and “Zeus S”, Max and Nora work by connecting and communicating through your smartphone, tablet, or computer and sync up their movements allowing you to interact with your friend/lover ,and hump them to your genitals content over long distances; helping to narrow the gap that being away from each other may bring.

So what set’s Nora and Max apart from similar devices other than the fact that they have much better names (seriously Kiiroo, “Opue”)? For one thing the design looks to be better for both devices: Nora has the classic rabbit shape with both vibration and rotation capabilities and Max features a vibrator as well as an air pump which allows the device adapt to fit a large array of sizes; and the devices can be set to react to music for a unique approach to solo-play.

Lovense Internet Enabled Sex Toys

Lovense has been around for some time now; making their debut in 2009 with their first generation device “Remote Pleasure” which could connect through Skype and be controlled via music, then moving on in 2011 to produce the PC connectable “iMan” and “iLady” (still much better names than their competition imo), and finally Max and Nora in 2013.  So they have plenty of experience in the teledildonics field; and while I might not agree with their claims that Virtual sex is better than the real thing, by the sounds of some of the feedback they have been getting it just might be close.

Fun like this doesn’t come cheap, but the Lovense models aren’t the most expensive units on the block; expect to pay around $320 for a pair, which at $159 dollars a pop is a full $60 less  than what you would shell out for their Lovepalz equivalents (but still more expensive than the $298 you would spend on Kiiroo’s set). Whichever way you slice it though it’s a small price to pay to be able to remain intimate while away from someone you love, and I would imagine the devices could prove to be a lot of fun in close quarters as well.

While they make no mention of the Oculus Rift or compatibility with other HMD’s, with platforms like Kiiroo around the corner official support will not be a worry; and while I haven’t personally had the chance to try the devices I have to say I am more than a little curious to try out at least one of these kinds of things with my Wife.

So whether or not you agree with the suggestion that virtual sex is better than the real thing, it’s certainly something worth checking out. With so many different choices cropping up there is bound to be something out there that suits your fancy, and Lovense sounds like it knows it’s stuff; so why not give them a try?

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