Twerking… A word that terrifies DWD’s (Dads with Daughters) the world over and conjures up images of women with Kim Kardashian sized derrieres shaking their bottoms about like their nether-halves are possessed by seizure demons; and whether or not you want to admit it, there is some sick primal part of you that likes it.

Well just in case you have ever wanted a private twerk show right in the comfort of your own home, or have a fetish for fuckable rubber rear-ends (kind of hot), mega porn streaming king PornHub has partnered up with sex toy company Topco to produce the “ultimate experience in interactive cyber passion” TwerkingButt sex toy, with Cyberskin!

While that might sound all sorts of weird, and it might be just a little, this thing is seriously pretty amazing. Not only does it come with its own plastic VR enclosure/headset for your smartphone à la similar such devices like Google Cardboard and Gear VR, allowing you to use immersive VR content with the device in the future (the content isn’t yet available), but it also features simulated body heat, ultra-realistic cyberskin technology, customizable motions, variable massaging speeds, vibrations, and multiple twerking patterns; all of which can be controlled via remote or an Android or iOS enabled tablet or smartphone. As if all of that wasn’t enough the device can also be set to sync up with your music playlists and the orifice doubles as a single can beer cooler/warmer when not being used for other things.
Ok, well we just made up the beer part, but damned if it doesn’t sound like it does everything!

Good times don’t come cheap though so expect to give up an arm and a leg if you just gotta have dat ass (which would make you the perfect partner for the device as it has no limbs itself), with August retail prices set at $699 for the regular version sans twerking capabilities (but including massage, vibration and everything else we mentioned); and the deluxe version which will do the Miley Cyrus on your pole for a mere $300 more.

Both devices can be found on sale online for $200 off ($499 & $799 respectively) until the 11th of this month though, so head on over to, check them out, come back here and leave us a detailed description of what it’s like!

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