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It’s been awhile since the last time we spoke about Toon Timmermans and his forwards-thinking long distance intimacy company, Kiiroo; and it would appear that a lot has changed since our first article covering their service at the beginning of last year.

In case you you’ve never heard of Kiiroo before (and can’t be bothered to read the article linked above) they are a rather new company that provides their users with everything they need to be intimate without ever actually touching each-other, even across vast distances.
As with other, similar platforms, the Kiiroo experience consists mainly of connecting two sex toys using either bluetooth (in the case of close quarters no-touchy sex), or the internet (long distance) and what happens to one toy, happens to another.
In other words, put the female vibrator (in this case the ergonomically-designed Kiiroo Pearl) inside of her (or your) pussy or ass (I would suggest your mouth, but I’m not sure if vibrating teeth would feel as good as it might sound?) and as you move it about, those movements are transferred to the male masturbation device (the Kiiroo Onyx) in real time.

Exploded Onyx View
Mmmm, Grip Clip. 😉

The technological scientific bits behind what is actually happening is a little more in depth than all that, and are very cool. The first noticeable advancement is that Onyx uses toy-titan Fleshlight’s patented SuperSkin for its sleave, meaning it feels about as real as a sex toy can get. Pearl (the vibrator) utilizes capacitive touch technology to transmit data to her partnered device using particular points along her exterior (am I really referring to a sex toy as “her”?) which correlate to rings inside of her Onyx companion, which causes it (note I didn’t say “him”. Does that make me sexist? I’m just going with what feels natural people) to contract, clutch and pull on your penis, taking away the need for manual stimulation; alternatively, the Onyx can also be controlled by a touch pad on its exterior, allowing you to swipe or rub along it and feel the device correspond to your commands. So solo play is a definite possibility.
Strangely enough, the Onyx can communicate both ways with another Onyx (so two men could stimulate each other), but it cannot send data back to the Pearl – although the team says it is likely we’ll see that capability in the next generation of devices (as well as the capability for two Pearl devices to communicate in a future update). So if you are into giving and are ok with not receiving for the moment (although Pearl –does- vibrate, so is likely to provide plenty of stimulation anyhow) then Pearl is your girl; and what Woman wouldn’t enjoy a vibrator that allows her to be in control of her Man’s pleasure?

Kiiroo Desktop Software
Sleek and Sexy? Check!

Perhaps even cooler than what Pearl and Onyx can do, is the platform that allows them to do it; which, at the time of our previous writing, had yet to see the light of day.
If all of this sounds a little enticing, it is. Not to be outdone on design, the aesthetics of the software is both sleek and simple (much like the sex toys themselves) and features luminous, glowing text on a translucent glassy background; which gives it a definitely futuristic, yet warm and relaxing feel.  
Free of clutter and unnecessary bloat or extraneous information, the menu and controls are all laid out in an attractive enough manner and all sections of the interface are reactive to your mouse, meaning you don’t see them unless you want them to be there.
There is even a fun drawing tool allowing you and your partner to make little hand-written love notes, or pictures, enhancing the communication and making things a bit more fun, and it is these kinds of small additions that show a company really cares about how it is treating its consumers. It’s all just icing on an already very tasty cake, but it gives it all that little bit extra that makes breaking out that wallet seem all the more worthwhile.

Speaking of breaking out the wallet, the entire experience can be had for a paltry tune of only $369 – which, as a Onyx/Pearl package, is $29 off what you would pay for the devices individually (Onyx/Onyx packages are slightly more expensive), and while not cheap by any means (the paltry bit was a joke) is a great price considering what you are getting; and the software comes 100% free-for-life when you purchase your device.

If you are planning on getting in on the fun (and why wouldn’t you? This stuff is amazing!) Kiiroo is teaming up with adult chat site Flirt4Free and on October 21st users will be able to experience virtual sex with award-winning adult performer Lisa Ann (best known for her parody of Sarah Palin) in an interactive live-show on their website, You can also buy both Lisa Ann and Bobbi Eden personalized signed Onyx devices at the Kiiroo Store, which are only $10 more and come with a special video for the first 250 customers.

Let us know if you think Kiiroo is the way of the future in the comments below.

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  1. looks fun, but what if I don’t have a partner…ha

  2. We just love our new addition to our bedroom toys. I got this to use on my hubby and he absolutely loves it. It is a powerful device . Not only does it vibrate it also spins and rotates and has an additional size opening to get the correct fit.

  3. We love this new toy and it absolutely is by far the best masturbator we have ever had. The possibilities are endless! I really love that is easily grippable to fit my hand and bring my hubby great pleasure. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to make their playtime in the bedroom more fun and spicy ! Thanks for sharing

  4. Work’s great

  5. I bought these crappy devices and am a bit confused about the comments:

    @Anthony– Are you talking about the toys in the article? The male toy DOES NOT spin or vibrate…

    @Steve Is this the only masturbator you tried? Hard to imaging this is the “best”. It was a big let down in our bedroom.

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