A couple of weeks ago we reported on Kiiroo, a rather ambitious venture which hopes to allow people to hook up online ala social platform/dating website and have virtual sex via teledildonics, and eventually with a little luck, the Oculus Rift.
Although these particular waters are somewhat fish-free at the moment, there is at least one more platform that bears mentioning that has itself gearing up for a hot and heavy future full of telemetric sex:  Frixion.me

With claims that their proprietary Telemetry Translation API will allow real-time bidirectional force feedback telemetry (2 way boning with feels) between multiple and different devices (eg a cellphone or a mouse on one end and a haptic device with a dildo attachment on the other), the platform certainly does sound interesting, and if you’ve ever dreamed about opening your legs or bending over for that sexy looking Novint Falcon on your desk, these guys are looking to have you covered.

After watching their videos it’s hard not to be convinced, but I did notice a few moments where things seemed oddly out-of-sync.  It looks to me like there might be some real lag concerns with their system, but I’m sure that such things will get better as they progress.
The system itself is apparently not limited to telemetrics, but will allow encoding to be added to existing videos or computer games so you can get your freak on sans lifeform on the other end; so those of you who would rather engage in some heavy-petting with Aela of Whiterun over a RL Woman, do not fret as you will be covered as well.
The Frixion.me website also suggests group interactions will be possible (shoving my previous claims into the mud) , and while that may be true I can’t help but think it would be plenty cumbersome to have multiple devices plugging away at you, but I’m sure it could be fun to try.

At the time of this writing it all seems a little unsure as to whether or not the company will be able to find it’s financial footing or not. They are reaching out to the public to help fund the project and if the couple of posts at the bottom of this website are indeed an accurate representation of the current status of their campaigns earnings, it doesn’t look like they have seen any backing over the course of the last couple of months.
They do give frequent updates via their twitter feed, so do follow along; although they don’t exactly make it clear whether or not they are accepting donations from Joe and Jane or if they are only looking for serious investors; but they do have a number on their website so if you wish to help them you can always call and ask.
They also have a Beta registration on site, promising the possibility of big discounts and giveaways so be sure to sign up!

Every time I hear of something like this, I really can’t help but chuckle at the fact that the word “teledildonic” may soon be a household thing, but silly words aside there is no denying the idea is a good one, and I for one look forwards to it.
Though I am certain that these new technologies will not be introduced without a fair degree of awkwardness, at least initially; the ability to engage in virtual sex acts with somebody across the globe is something that could revolutionize not only the way we have sex, but the way we engage in our relationships; and with social/teledildonic  platforms like Kiiroo and Frixion.me on the horizon, a little gearing up for the ride might be in order.

So hold on to your haptics Ladies and Gents, and here’s hoping it’s a bumpy ride.

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  1. that is so cool. I agree, it looks like there is a bit of a lag and is off, but regardless exciting that this is coming… it’ll only get better. I love VR. ps. thanks for the oculusriftporn write up. It’s pretty cool.

    1. I’ve got high hopes for this industry, there are just so many great possibilities.
      It’s nice to hear from you btw, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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