Just got your sleek new teledildonic masturbation device shipped to you in the mail and you’re eager to try it, but you have nobody to use it with (or your just eager to sneak around on your gold-digging wife and/or your paranoid of diseases)?
Enter Kiiroo: The first social platform with an intimate touch.

While technically not yet on the market, and it may not actually work with that his and her lovepalz set your Mother gave you for Christmas (yet), what Kiiroo shows us on their Indiegogo page regarding their idea for a teledildonics utilizing social platform sounds all sorts of interesting; in a hump-a-stranger 4000 miles away because you can sort of way.

Not everything about the campaign is chocolate and roses. I think their youtube infomercial could use a little more work (it’s slick in a business sense, but I don’t really find it exciting in a sexual sense.) and I’m not particularly interested in the looks of their proprietary twist of teledildonic his & hers devices (which look like something styled more to be at home in a James Bond movie and are not particularly alluring unless boning a futuresque smart-thingy is something you fantasize about frequently) or their names (SVir & OPue?); but I have to admit the whole idea of having an entire social network based around getting your rocks off virtually with people you meet online has my curiosity piqued and the looks of the devices only matter so much as long as they do what they are prescribed to.

According to Kiiroo creator Toon Timmermans his new company Kiiroo Technologies is itself “a technology company who wants to create a new community and in that community the opportunity to be intimate in a third dimension.”, and along with his partner Reno Voet they set about to crowdfund the project on IndieGogo in January of this year, raising just under $34,000 of their $100,000 goal in the 30 days since their flexible funding campaign launch; which bodes well for the startup no matter how you slice it because they get to keep whatever money they raise whether their goal is met or otherwise.

KIIROOPUE Meet SVir and OPue.  Because OPue sounds like “vagina”.


Timmermans also talked about the possibility of eventually partnering with Second LIfe, and while I myself am not really a big fan of the game, I know plenty of people who are and I could see how such a thing could be something to enjoy; providing you don’t someday find out that the hot blonde SL “friend” you’ve been tele-boning over the last few weeks was in truth a Ron Jeremy look-a-like whose bumhole was moonlighting as your favorite vagina.  That would really suck.

As of this moment there is no Oculus Rift support mentioned as being in the works but Timmerman has said he has high hopes for integration in the future, so if you’ve ever wanted to contribute to the future of virtual reality sex and teledonics backing this project is as good an idea as any.

After all, how many other people do you see working on allowing us to hump a stranger (or your lover) at a distance?

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