It’s been a great almost 2 years in the world of Virtual Reality porn (it got invented!). We’ve seen such great startups as go from having just a video or two, to being the host of close to 20 made-for-vr adult entertainment beauties.  We’ve watched the awesome massively-multiplayer and highly arousing 3DXChat game go from a humble announcement that they are building in Oculus Rift support, to seeing it through to reality and giving us all a place to call our horny home away from home.  We’ve watched teledildonics go from being an other obscurity in the realm of weird sex gimmicks to being an almost household name (well at least amongst Oculus Rift users who care about sex); and we’ve even had a scare or two with Facebook acquiring Oculus VR as well as a few of our biggest hopes come crashing to the ground; in the form of Wicked Paradise and that other VR Sex Game that everybody was so worked up about.
I can hardly wait to see what’s next!
DK2 is so close I can almost feel it sliding up against my nice smooth bald head as I slip it on and get ready to take a ride on the VR Anime Sexpress.  Positional tracking and higher resolutions promising to bring us ever closer to virtual porn paradise.  The wait is almost unbearable.

Computer graphics have come a loooong way
Computer graphics have come a loooong way

So what are all of your plans once the device arrives on your doorstep?  Are you going to head straight for the porn rooms in JanusVR?  Are you going to fire up 3DXChat and put your Fleshlight to work? Or are you just going to settle back and watch a porn movie or two in a virtual theatre, or on

I suppose you could always just play a game, but when you got Virtual Reality porn waiting, what for?

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