Teledildonics are sex toys that are controlled by using computers and specific software. Teledildonics are also know as cyberdildonics. Some predicted that teledildonics would become mainstream, however the technology has yet to fully integrate into mainstream society and adult porn.

Some predict with additional 3d and virtual technologies like Oculus Rift, teledildonics will re-surge and become a new trend in online adult entertainment.

LovePalz, a company that designs teledildonics has designed a somewhat popular device (according to their website) that has already sold over $10,000 units.


Below are some other examples of teledildonics devices including the Durex experiment underwear that allows you to pleasure your partner with an iPhone app virtually:

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  3. Teledildonics, Cyberdildonics I even love the words. The fact that Lovepalz has sold 10,000 units(and their not really cheap) and is currently sold out, somebody is getting into this stuff and having fun with them. Being able to incorporate them into online applications will add a whole new dimension to Skype and a definite enhancement to long distance relationships. Look at the Durex product above, his and her underwear activated by applications on your iphone/ipad/computer. It’s brilliant, I’d be calling myself all day long.

  4. I’ve had a look at the RealTouch, and I’ve got to say I’m the most impressed with that system over the others so far. Yeah, they’ve probably been around the longest, but they’ve pretty much got all the bases covered. You’ve got an interactive sex toy that responds to the actions going on in the porn flick you’re watching, even down to the lube being released into the unit when the girl is cumming.

    They’ve also got one of the widest selection of porn that can actually be used with their products. They’ve got big name porn stars coming in all the time and shooting for them. One of the smartest things they’ve done with that is to get the whole interactive cam girl aspect. So you can sign up and actually book time with these porn stars and have a one on one date. The porn girl on the other end has a device that looks like a dildo. When she uses it, the device picks up the pressure, movement, and all that, and translates it down so that at your end, your RealTouch machine is responding in a way that you can feel what’s going on.

    From what I’ve read, right now they’re only giving out the dildo ends to porn girls and web cam women, but I think that would be a pretty awesome thing to do for long distance relationships as well. Hell, let’s get all those soldiers overseas their own RealTouch devices so they can still have a piece of their woman while they’re stationed away from their wives or girlfriends.

    The only problem is, it looks bulky as hell. It’s a lot bigger than the other teledildonics toys I’ve checked out. This alone could really turn off a lot of guys. If you can compact the thing, I think the rest of the market is would have some serious competition.

  5. I investigated a bit about teledildonics as well and I came across this: It appears to be an open source platform for these kind of connected devices. I think that if you combine this with a Realtouch and the interactive dildo on the other side, that both parties could benefit in a long distance relationship!

    It says the devices also work with VR Tenga and perhaps some day with Oculus Rift as well to create a virtual sex experience. This robot is also pretty bulky though and not bluetooth connected like the Lovepalz, however on the other end I think the Lovepalz’ input size and output size of the dildo is a bit on the small side. These interactive toys would do great if they worked together to find cross-platform options.

    The interactive porn from Realtouch that can be used with the device looks cool too! Hopefully it catches on, I could definitely explore ways to have fun with this and my hubby while he’s in another country.

    1. Great timing. I had actually just checked out Frixion a couple of days ago and was preparing to write an article when you posted.
      Thanks for the post. 🙂

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