For those who already know what a fleshlight is, they know it’s one of the absolute best male masturbators out there. For those who haven’t heard of it, it is the #1 selling male sex toy on the market today. It’s outer casing resembles a flashlight, hence the name, and the inside is the most life like “superskin” insert sleeves, which comes which the look of a pussy, asshole or mouth. These interchangeable silicone sleeves come in a variety of internal textures from ribbed, ultra tight, wonder wave, original and many, many more. Not only that but both North American porn stars like Jenna Haze (see pussy fleshlight picture below), Jesse Jane and Bibi Jones (see butt fleshlight picture below) and European porn stars  such as Ariel, Eufrat Mai and Suzie Carina are a few of the many porn stars of the world who have done us all a huge favor and made custom moulds of there pussies, butts and lips so you can choose whatever hole you want your fleshlight to look like. Often will have deals for multiple insert sleeves and they are also always having new porn stars mould themselves for our pleasure.

Jenna Haze Fleshlight Oculus porn
Jenna Haze Fleshlight

Even better, you can custom build your perfect fleshlight. If you haven’t tried it you really are missing out. It’s so lifelike you’ll forget that it’s not real. This toy is a must have for those looking for the true Rift porn game experience. Given the infancy of adult virtual reality sex games, the fleshlight is definitely going to be the must have device early on once the Oculus Rift is out and the first wave of adult augmented reality games are released. You’ll definitely want at least one of each sleeve to enhance the sexual experience through the Oculus Rift.

Bibi Jones butt
Bibi Jones butt Fleshlight

The fleshlight site also sells other accessories such as motion devices which can hold the fleshlight during it’s use. These would also do nothing but further enhance the experience of the XXX rift games. There is even a shower holder for the fleshlight, but it should go without saying that you might want to pass on using the Oculus Rift /Fleshlight shower holder even if you are getting it on in the virtual shower. You don’t need to have someone find you concussed in the shower wearing the Rift with a broken cock…..although some genius will go viral because they accomplish this feat on video (some how?).

Anyways, back to the Fleshlight… It is also compatible with the v-stroker, which screws on to the end of the fleshlight which senses the motion in which the fleshlight is moving. Currently, there are videos (POV style) where you can virtually fuck or get a blowjob from a porn star and depending on how fast you are pounding it, the video will fuck the porn star at that pace.

The really exciting thing about the v-stroker and fleshlight are that they are now compatible with some of the initial Oculus Rift porn games including 3DX chat and it will undoubtedly be compatible with future Oculus Rift adult porn games as well. It goes with out saying but these two devices are must haves for those who will want to full Oculus Rift adult gaming experience.

Oculus porn fleshlight
Oculus porn fleshlight

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  1. I’ve used Fleshlights in the past and they work awesome. They are almost like being with a girl in real life, and they know that market like crazy. They could definitely build one with a virtual or Oculus Rift angle and knock it out of the park. They do moldings of actual stars and if you’ve ever watched any of the making videos, it is pretty neat. They could build a bang a pornstar angle with a VR Fleshlight and sell those things by the millions. The Fleshlight is a pretty cool device. Cool article Ryan

  2. Pamon, I totally agree about the bang a pornstar angle with the Oculus Rift. That would take the Virtual videos that the Fleshlight already have to another level . I think that almost definitely will happen once the Rift is out, but how soon will be the question. It seems like tons of cash for the designers, the porn stars and the studios as the market already exists and would love that experience. I have watched a few of the videos of the pornstars making their moulds and they are really cool (not to mention sexy as hell!) . So looking forward to the future of the fleshlight with the Oculus Rift porn games!

  3. Hey,

    I want to get a Fleshlight but can’t make up my mind on what sleeve to get. I know I could buy multiple but I’m sure there are a couple that are better than the others. I wish I could try them all. haha. I can’t believe that these are going to be compatible with the Rift.
    Let me know which ones are best.


  4. Xavier,

    That is probably the most frequently asked questions about the Fleshlight. The challenging part is that everyone likes a certain sensation better and for that reason is tough to say which is the best sleeve for every guy. That said you really can’t go wrong because they are all good. Some are better than others, but overall each one I’ve tried has been good. I haven’t tried them all and they keep bringing out new ones so I’ll give you my thoughts on the ones I’ve tried.

    Original- The first one I got. Loved it, but it really is the basic from a stimulation standpoint. It’s good don’t get me wrong, but I like something a with a bit more texture.
    Speed Bump- I got this shortly after the ‘original.’ This one has soft beads and it really tight. It’s still a favourite of mine.
    Vortex- This is the most recent one I bought last year. It’s unreal to say the least. It’s a spiralled, ribbed sleeve that has no shortage of pleasure stimulators

    The next one I’d personally like to try is ‘Heavenly”. It’s supposedly the most stimulating Fleshlight texture available. There is another one called the “Baracuda” that sounds pretty amazing as well. The textures have really come a long way and the decision of what sleeve to get is way tougher than it used to be. I would really suggest getting 2 or 3 sleeves as there are often good bundle deals. Also, the v-stroker is a must have if you plan on using the fleshlight with the Oculus Rift.

    The ones I have are really some of the earlier Fleshlight sleeves, which have a bit more basic or traditional simulators. I think they are great, but the newer versions are much more elaborate and could be amazing, but I’ve never tried them so I can’t speak to them from personal experience. I’m not sure if there is “too much going on” in them to make the increase the feel or if it’s too much. I’d like to try them regardless.

    Let us know which one you go with and how you like it. I’m sure there are a million guys (well I know there are 6 million+ actually) that could give you and myself their thoughts on what is the best fleshlight sleeve. What is everyone’s favorite fleshlight sleeve?

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