I know that the fleshlight has been around for quite some time. So has masturbation and we all still like to do that too. I know personally I have been masturbating for a long time and still enjoy it. The fleshlight has evolved in so many ways since it’s humble beginnings. They cam out with the vstroker attachment that allows you to control some porn videos so the action in the videos will be up to you. Their newest attachment for the fleshlight makes it a contender in the world of virtual reality sex toys. The fleshlight launch launched today and it is nothing short of awesome. The fleshlight company continues to make masturbating fun by adding new attachments all the time. One of the fun things that they do is add special made fleshlights that are shaped in the style of your favorite pornstars. You already love watching the videos of your favorite porn star so why not have the joy of having sex with them too? These special made pornstar fleshlights are made from women stars called the fleshlight girls line and there is also a special fleshlight line made from male pornstars as well called the fleshjack line. Add the vstroker attachment while you watch one of your favorite videos with the custom made fleshlight of the pornstar of your choice and control how fast or slow the action is. Add the new fleshlight launch and let the video do all of the work for you with this automatic masturbator.

When you visit the fleshlight website there is always something new to catch your eye if it’s not the new types of fleshlights that they have come out with or the brand new attachments it’s the new flesh styles that you can choose from. Everyone knows that all holes don’t feel the same so why should all of your masturbators be. The possibilities are endless for fun when you customize your fleshlight. You can choose from three different colors for the case. Black, blue and silver. You have a choice of which hole you will be playing with such as mouth, pussy, butt hole or butt cheeks. This gets even more fun as we go along. The next thing you get to choose from is how you want your fleshlight to feel. There are 12 sensations to choose from so after everything is said and done each stroke with your fleshlight will be some of the best times of your life. Something that seems to have been going on for a while over the fleshlight website is the buy 2 get 1 free deal. Customize your 2 fleshlights anyway you want and get 1 free.

Let’s get into some of the cool attachments that fleshlight has added for us to enjoy masturbation again. You can have more fun in the shower with the shower mount. You can keep your fleshlight on the dresser with the sex in a can accesory. The launchpad always brings excitement when you can watch your porn right in front of you while you enjoy your fleshlight.

There is so much to say about the fleshlight and all of the cool attachments and varieties of fleshlights to choose from that this article could go on forever. I will continue to keep posting about some of the great updates along the way. Be sure to look out for the article on the newest product called the fleshlight launch. This is definitely going to be a great addition to the world of virtual reality sex toys. For now my friends enjoy yourselves in all the ways possible with one of the best sex toys around. 

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