Like blowjobs? Girlfriend not too keen on daily blowjobs? Hey if you’re not a fan of blowjobs than this toy is not for you. You should probably just stop reading as I’m going to talk more about blowjobs and frankly you’re wasting your time by continuing to read about how you can get more blowjobs, even daily blowjobs. AS MANY BLOWJOBS AS YOU DESIRE. ūüėČautoblow2

Now that I only have the attention of my male counterparts that do enjoy blowjobs, let me tell you, if you haven’t tried the Autoblow2 yet, you don’t like blowjobs! Ok well maybe you do, but perhaps you didn’t know that such a product existed and that some good people out there went above and beyond to create the Autoblow2, the best solo automatic blowjob toy on the market.

This sex toy sells itself and is worth WAY more than the price tag. It’s personally my favourite toy that out on the market and one that is a must have for anyone who enjoys blowjobs and awesome sex toys.



Onyx by Kiiroo– One of our favorite vr porn sites¬†is currently¬† This site is pretty amazing on it’s own, but what makes this site so special is when you partner it with Kiiroo’s Onyx sex toy for men. The combination make for a truly one of a kind experience. ¬†If you want a vr porn experience that is out of this world, do yourself a favor and get yourself the Onyx and a pass with and feel what you see!

Best male sex toy

The Onyx is one of the most technologically advanced sex toys out there. Have a partner or in a long distance relationship? Even better, the Onyx smart masturbation system is compatible with the Pearl sex toy for women. The touch pad and sensors allow you to control each others toys and feel each others movements . This is an absolute must have to spice up any relaationship or for those in long distance relations.



The legend of the list. The one that makes every top sex toy for men list… the Fleshlight. No list is complete without the one that started it all (for me at least). I can easily spend 45 minutes browsing the Fleshlight store. With endless sleeves with actual pussy or ass moulds from all of the top porn stars in the world, its quite a challenge to buy just one (thankfully they often have buy 2 sleeves get one free…. you’re welcome). Not only that but they now have interactive videos of your favorite actresses to go¬†with the Fleshlight by combining the Fleshlight with the v-stroker.11-fleshlight

The sleeves have countless textures- from spiralled to ribbed to super tight to waved and the list goes on. Are you a bit freaky- check out the freaks collection of Fleshlights. Like to watch yourself doing your business, check out the Ice Fleshlight. Not sure which one to get, but have a creative mind- build you own fleshlight. Our recommendation is to check out the Stamina training unit which comes with a shower mount and our favorite sleeve. Not sure where to start or first time buying yourself a sex toy- look no further than the Fleshlight.

Honorable Mention

The one we hope to add to the list in 2016- The Ejaculator.

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  1. Where are the games and toys for women????

    1. Good question Lina. There are a number of toys out there that we have reviewed that are intended for Women (just take a look at a few of our articles on teledildonics devices like the Kiiroo and Lovense devices), but perhaps if more Women (such as yourself) were vocal in expressing their interest for such materials, there would be more to find?

      I don’t think that the industry is necessarily inherently sexist, I just think that Women tend to be rather un-vocal on a whole about their desire for such products and services.

      One thing you can be sure on, is that we will continue to cover them as they show up!

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