UPDATE: The contest is now over and we have randomly selected our 3 lucky winners as follows:

First PlaceTim

Second Place

Third PlaceThomas

We will email all three lucky winners in order to obtain their addresses for shipping.

Thanks again to everyone for participating and please stay tuned for the next giveaway!

VRsexLab.com Team


We are proud to announce that we will be doing our very first (and hopefully many more to come) contest giveaway. 2015 has been an interesting year in the virtual reality adult industry and we thought it would be fun to finish off the year with a great giveaway to show all of our visitors just how much we appreciate their support.

So, this is how it will work (see prizes below)…

  1. To enter the contest simply leave a comment below with if you think or think not that 2016 will be a big year for the evolution of VR porn and the reason why.
  2. The contest will close Sunday December 6th at 5pm Eastern time
  3. We will pick winners randomly from the comment section below and announce the winners via this post, twitter and Reddit.
  4. There will be prizes for the 3 lucky winners

1st Place Prize


Autoblow 2 – Our favorite automatic blowjob machine will be yours if you can be our lucky 1st place winner. Words can’t describe how pleasurable this thing is…just amazing.

2nd Place Prize


Fleshlight QuickShot – Advertised as designed for maximum pleasure with or without a partner. Open ended, easy to clean and hours of fun.

3rd Place Prize


1 month subscription to VirtualRealPorn.com – The leading virtual reality porn app will be yours to enjoy for a month. Not bad for 3rd place!

Thanks in advance to everyone that has entered the contest and good luck to all those involved. We look forward to running more of these giveaways in the future.


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  1. FIRST!!

    Not really sure if vrsex will actually take off next year, but here’s hoping.

  2. I think 2016 will be a big year for vr porn. With the barrier of entry coming down now that smart phones can cheaply become vr headsets, it’s just a matter of content providers coming up with that something special to blow the genre wide open. Side note, why does the Autoblow robot have a beard?! 😉

    1. Ha, I never notice this before, that is strange.

      Thanks for the entry and good luck!!


  3. With the improvement in technology and it’s decreasing cost, vr in 2016 looks to continue to grow and become more immersive than ever.

  4. VR is beggining to have money thrown at it from all directions and the big money players are in the porn industry. With Samsung and Oculus moving quickly now, it is only a matter of time before more content providers and hardware vendors push product.

  5. Hopefully it’ll take off. So far with the into of gear vr its looking promising.

  6. With the upcoming Oculus Rift consumer release coming out Q1 2016, VRsex will really take off

  7. VR porn will win because there is nothing else which even comes close to it other than real sex (for now!).

  8. In 2015 we have had 3 major VR porn sites open, and I think the first six months of 2016 will see that number double. As technology becomes more available, VR will be come more popular. I think 2016 will be the year of VR Porn.

  9. VR Porn is already better than normal porn, even with it’s low fov, screen door fest and lack of positional tracking, nothing beats being there instead of watching. I currently watch 90% less normal porn than VR porn thanks to Gear VR, and it would probably 100% if there was more and better content. 2016 will make vr porn incredibly successful, and we’ll see the rise of real porn stars, where acting matters since you’re talking directly to consumers, but in the next few years, when the tech improves, it’s going to change human relationships, until the day someone asks for divorce because of cheating with VR porn.

  10. I hope it’s a huge year…we have the technology, we have the motvation, so let’s make it happen. Maybe we can start moving towards world peace since everyone will be so busy fucking robots and using vr. Hopefully once people start seeing vr porn as a reality, more people will develop and build on the current technology.

  11. I believe 2016 is going to be huge for vr porn. I knew vr was going to be huge back when I got my first nvidia 3d vision monitor in high school and would think about how one day you are going to have this, but strapped to your face, in you entire vision, and going to be able to look around.

    When I show friends, both male and female porn on my gear vr they are amazed. Although males seem to want to spend more time watching it when I show them. They cant believe how real it is. Even though vr is not too big right now, I think towards the end of next year a lot more people will have tried vr porn and word will spread, especially with multiple consumer vr hmds coming out next year.

    Vrporn keeps getting better every month. I was not really a fan of any of vr porn sites first videos, but it was new and they are learning. The videos are very hit or miss still, but I feel that is because everyone has different tastes now instead of the videos not being good. The quality seems to improve exponentially so I image by the middle of 2016 there will be enough good content for most people to be willing to invest in vr porn. The biggest seller is going to be people showing off porn on their gear vr for a while. A few people already purchased a gvr just for porn after I showed them mine and most of my friends plan on at least getting a cardboard soon.

  12. Well, considering the consumer version of the Oculus Rift is going to be released in 2016, I sure am hoping for a huge success for VR porn. My computer is ready!

  13. With retail versions of multiple devices coming out, the amount of people getting to experience VR porn will grow exponentially, and with that critical mass will hit. Can’t wait.

  14. 2016 is going to be huge for vr porn when the consumer headsets finally drop. The adult entertainment industry has always been pioneers in new technology and vr will be no different.

  15. I think 2016 will be the biggest year so far for VR porn. Right now VR porn is kinda niche but with more consumer (and cheaper) HMDs coming out, next year will be great for VR and porn.

  16. It’s a logical extension (at least feels like) to the way how we enjoy porn as a media. But this time it does it a bit differently. Just to pick a few of these ways, straight out of my empty head:

    First, your imagination, stories. Then:
    – Porn sculptures and drawings. Art in general.
    – Porn printed on papers. Pocket porn.
    – Porn in theathers. Dark, public, but big and “mighty”.
    – Tv Porn, “living pictures” -porn in your own home.
    – Video (vhs) Porn, now you can watch it anytime.
    – Dvd Porn, the digitalization and clearer image with instant seeking controls.
    – Videogame Porn, virtual interactivity.
    – Internet Porn gradually took you to limitlessly free and weirder porn.
    – Webcam Porn gave a touch of real interactivity.
    – HD Porn made you see all the fine wrinkly details.
    – Smartphone Porn, brought it with you, anywhere.
    – 3D Porn, you could see them take shape in front of you, kinda.
    – VR Porn, you are virtually there. Ah, presence. The illusion that finally breaks these flat surfaces.

    So yeah, except for the real, live experience (exhibitions for example), porn has almost always been a flat surface. With VR, it still is, but this time the illusion is powerful enough to break the curse that has been wearing down the novelty of porn. The year 2016 is bringing the novelty back, and this time in a new way, at least.

    Ehh.. That was a formal clusterfuck… it’ll be ffing awesome!

  17. It’s inevitable! I mean, what’s the alternative, right?

  18. VR porn is litterally going to change the face of the pornography industry. Its quite an honor being able to partake in its glory before its mass release. We are the pioneers!

  19. Its amazing to think that we’re the pioneers of this great advancement. Next year is going to be absolutely unbelievable!

  20. I hope so, I’m tired of real experiments! 😉
    No really, 2016 will be a great year for VR porn, but not for the main public. The masses will not be convinced until more years on it, we will have to evangelize!
    Tupper VR sex on the way?

  21. It’s going to be a fantastic year for VR. With all of the major headsets planning their release, we should see a great push into VR’s new frontier!

  22. With vr headsets coming out in 2016, it’s only a matter of time that there will be one in every household. The only thing we can hope for is more and more developers to get inspired to provide a plethora of content for the masses to keep vr growing.

  23. I think that 2016 will absolutely be a huge year for vr porn. I think that the htcis going to have better porn experiences because of the movement allowed. If porn feels even 70-% immersive with the CV1 of both oculus and htc vive then all you need is a fleshlight. #protip

  24. 2016 is the year we have been speculating about since way back in 2012. VR is going mainstream and nobody can stop the train now.

    The hardware is finally ready, software creators have been slaving away over code for the last few years, and VR Porn has gone from zero to pretty damn amazing in the space of the last 12 months. Critical mass has been achieved, and it’s going to blow up faster than the general public could ever imagine.

    The last great tech revolution, the smartphone, took seven years. A blink of an eye. We went from the primitive iPhone 1 in 2007, to now over a billion people owning smartphones.

    The VR revolution will be even more swift. The entire social fabric of out society is going to be changed forever, and so dramatically that the world will be unrecognizable in a decade from now.

    As always, porn is currently the most advanced industry on this new platform, just like VHS, DVD, and 3d before. Gaming is publicly the face of VR, but porn has raced ahead with multiple companies competing, and all producing high quality content for the hungry masses.

    We are ready.

  25. 2016 is the year we have been dreaming of since way back in 2012 when the first embers of this industry appeared.

    My giant comment got eaten at submission, so I’ll keep it short this time. (Sorry if double post, can’t see it)

    The revolution is here. The hardware is arriving, the VR porn industry has moved forwards in leaps and bounds over the last 12 months, and is ready to accept the general public with open arms.

    This is going to be huge.

  26. Give me the win. I want it

  27. With the new (and hopefully) improved vr tech coming next year, vr games, interfaces, and porn should move closer to mainstream entertainment and more immersive media. This should be a most interesting year.

  28. with new and (hopefully) improved vr tech arriving in 2016 for consumers and with better quality immersion for vr media, it should be a very interesting year.

  29. 2015 was already a great year. 2016 will only get better as more studios join the revolution.

  30. I think people will open their eyes fully to the wondrous world of VR Porn, which will lead to more accessibility for everyone – can’t wait! 😉

  31. Never tried VR myself but everybody is so exicted about it. In 2016 the big VR sets hit the market so everybody can try it semselfs. Hope the resultion will be better in the next years so no pixel are seen anymore.

  32. Absolutely 2016 will be huge for VR in the “adult space”. Finally getting the hardware into people’s hands (Cardboard, Gear, Rift, etc.) will drive up demand, so here’s hoping developers will rise to the challenge. With most new technology, the first thought is “wow, this is neat”, and the second thought is “OK, how do I use this to see nekkid people”. VR will be the same. Give it a couple of years for VR cameras to come down in price, and you’ll have a huge amateur market, just as happened with webcams.

  33. With VR as easy as Goggle Cardboard, there’s going to be a massive generation of VR porn as well as conversion of already existing porn to 3D to VR.

  34. I love VR and with all big brands comming out next year, yes this will be the beginning of a new time of entertainment!

  35. Virtual Reality sex will take off my clothes

  36. Virtual reality sex !! Once you say this so many things come to mind. In 2016 this will make companies and developers rich becuase so many horny people in this world… even the curious, will try this people are looking for diffrent ways for sex … sex dolls won’t be able to keep up with vr sex it will defiantly take the market and leave sex dolls in the dust. The realism in the mind and technology is what gives the best nut lol…I believe this will also prevent sexual crimes becuase rapist and perverts crave the realism of sexually touching seeing and feeling woman and doing things with younger teens, now it will all be possible and in front of them . They can now do this with out going to jail with virtual reality sex ..the sexual crime rate will go down guranteed…let’s hurry up and evolve this so you can become rich and people can be super happy! This is the future and the future is now !!

  37. I just found out about vr porn. So I guarantee it will blow up in 2016

  38. I think 2016 will be a big year for VR porn, because there should finally be some consumer models available.

  39. Bike = Porn Magazine
    Car = Internet Porn
    Jet-Pack = VR Porn

    2016 The year they turn your phone and a piece of cardboard into a Jet-pack.
    Marty McFly missed the revolution by one year!

  40. Entries are now closed, the winners will be picked randomly and announced shortly.

    Thanks to everyone for entering!

  41. just got a gear for x-mas, this will be epic!!

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