Update #1

No real update other than to say that our order is in process and is current marked as “ready” by the Oculus team. Which really means that it will be shipped once new units are in stock:

Oculus Rift Porn Update

We finally put in our order and purchased an Oculus Rift Development Kit. We probably shouldn’t have waited this long, but better late than never.


Supposedly new orders will be shipped out in November 2013:

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 6.33.34 PM

So, what do we expect to do with the rift once it arrive? Well, I think we’ll have to get used to the setup and download some of the standard demos. I can’t wait to try the roller coaster and skydiving apps.

Then it will be really interesting to experience all the sex and porn apps that are currently available. So many to try I think I’ll have to take a few days off of work just to try everything.

We’ll keep everyone posted on our delivery status.

Thanks again to everyone for their great comments and contribution to the discussion forum.


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  1. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting the Rift development kit as well. Not sure if I should just hold out. Looking forward to your update on it. There is some mixed reviews out there but I know that’s probably only because some people’s expectations of the development kit were too high. Take it for what it is. Any one else who has one, convince me I should get one or hold out?

  2. That totally rocks, glad to see that it was ordered and hopefully will be shipped soon. November seems like a long time away, but once the status changes to shipped, it will change the world. Wonder how many of those they have shipped out to people and how many people are on the waiting list for shipping. Imagine they are producing them as quickly as they can. I’m tempted to want to click an order, but I’ll wait till you guys get one and post a review or two of the final product. Porn and the OR will be a great thing.

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