3D sex and the future of Oculus Rift Adult Games

Wanting to see what the future of VR sex looks like, some amazing things are right around the corner. We’ve all seen the games that are set to be some of the first Oculus Rift adult VR games- Chathouse 3d, Sinful Robot, etc- all of which¬† we’re excited for. But looking at where the 3d porn industry is right now, it’s easy to predict how fast these games will evolve and become out of this world. I recently checked out Affect3d.com which is the 3Dx online magazine reviewing the latest 3DX comics, movies, and so on. Checking that out got me so stoked for the Oculus release and what’s in store for the future. Check out the most recent work ‘Busted’ from Blackadder. This is off the charts! It won’t be long until games like Sinful Robot or Chathouse 3D have virtual girls like these. As you can tell, the 3d artwork is becoming more and more realistic and it won’t be long until the integration to VR multi-player adult games becomes this good. It really closer than you might think based on the adult games that you’re probably checking out for the Oculus.
Busted 3d sex
Busted 3d sex
3D sex
3D porn
Another one that stood out to me and made me think “WOW” this is really the future of gaming and the adult virtual gaming enviroment was courtesy of longyyy . Although this may only be 3d artwork at this stage, it’s definitely a sign of things to come in the virtual sex world. Slightly less realistic than Blackladder’s but equally as sexy. I want these women in the Oculus world.
VR porn longyyy
longyyy- Virtual porn girls
As we uncover more and more talented 3d artists, we will continue to let you into their world which will continue to become better and more realistic. We hope to see some of these women in upcoming Oculus Rift adult games. Are you a talented 3D artist? Know someone who is or just love a 3D artists work? Let us know. We love hearing about and checking out all of the talented 3D artists who will continue to push the limits of the virtual sex gaming  industry.

One thought on “3D sex and the future of Oculus Rift Adult Games

  1. It is coming so fast, looking at the quality of the images you’ve put in above compared to what was out not many months ago. It’s not just the improvements in bodies but also facial expressions. They might be on the verge of having life like eyes and facial expressions which I think is one of the most difficult aspects of artwork of any kind. When you look at some of the bigger hollywood animated movies, I’m thinking The Polar Express, the animation effects were unbelievable but the eyes still were lacking. I know it’s hot looking at a great pair of boobs but think about a lifelike 3d rendering of a beautiful woman’s face, what you could have her doing and saying, now that will be really frickin hot. One of the demo’s on the Xmoon site, the girl sitting at a desk in a classroom, I am sure she had some faint facial expression lines showing. It’s a huge talent doing 3d art. I don’t think the introduction of 3d scans is going to take away from the artists work, just be another addition to their portfolios. Look at what is out there right now, think of what will be there in one, three and five years. I love it. Great site by the way.

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