As the days go by and as the Oculus Rift release approaches, more and more developers are popping up looking at creating some of the first Virtual adult games for the Oculus.  One of these developers is Australian based ThriXXX.

Thrixx project, Chathouse3D, is well in the works and looks pretty decent. Click here to check out a sample. I wouldn’t open it at work, it gets x-rated quick! That is what you’d expect when you’re checking out the adult games out there, but we’ve made the same sudden lapse in judgement checking out what’s new. It’s easy to forget where you are and that’s what developers like ThriXXX are looking to capitalize on thanks to the technology of the Rift. adult games that make you forget that it’s just a game. I for one am stoked.

Chathouse3D, using the Rift’s augmented simulator will allow voyeurs to spy, snoop, peep, watch and eavesdrop and probably most appealing will be the ability to have real virtual sex with the compatibility to vstroker and the fleshlight. Chathouse 3D will allow users to meet real like-minded sex partners around the world in a Virtual setting. It will allow you to chat, flirt and get freaky with other people looking for a sexual rendezvous with its interactive 3D multiplayer environment.

vr sex oculus
VR sex oculus

The current goal of all adult developers obviously is that of creating the most life-like interactive cybersex experience possible. The sample video shows that it’s not the most life-like that are out there, but we’re excited to see how things develop and where things end up. It’s the beginning of a beauty age of erotic entertainment thanks to the Rift.

The beta version is out. There are mixed reviews. I think some people aren’t realistic in the sense that this is really in it’s infancy and we are looking at the NES version of what’s to come in terms of adult VR games. Chathouse 3D is going to be ok and looking back and it 2 or 5 years down the road, we will all laugh about how shitty it was (even though that didn’t stop us from partaking in a little low quality VR love).

You can view the uncensored preview video below and sign up for their beta updates here.

What do you think of Chathouse 3D? Any beta testers out there? Let us know your thoughts?


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