Do you love VR Porn but are tired of the lack of interactivity in VR Porn videos, and unsatisfied by the inability of most current Adult VR demos/programs to cross the uncanny valley and give you that realism you oh-so desire?
A year since their last release with the Lucid Dreams demo, those masters of ultra-high quality 3d scanned nude models, Veiviev, have finally answered our hungry (and horny) cries for a little taste of something more; and it has met and exceeded our expectations for quality with a delicious bit of desirability in the very tight, very classy (read that in Goldmembers voice) form of VRGIRLZ and their newest version of their demo, Lucid Dreams II.

If you have yet to try any of Veiviev’s offerings to date and aren’t quite sure who they are or what the hell we are talking about, a brief introduction is in order. Using models and technology from the same people who put together Infinite-Realities 3d-heaven for the Oculus Rift DK1 in August of 2013, Veiviev is a still-new company specializing (at least at this point) in producing extremely well detailed and artistic high-quality nude scans of people and putting them in a format that VR users can enjoy. Their digital nudes are tasteful, beautiful and unless you are a robot (a not-for-sex robot anyhow) virtually guaranteed to turn you on.


So what has changed since last we were graced with the heavenly beauty of last years demo? Well, perhaps most importantly is the DK2 support. If you thought these girls looked nice in the DK1, you are going to be blown away by how they look in the DK2. I spent 20 minutes last night staring at one model up close, just because the experience was so convincing to my mind. It was a test of will to stave myself off from attempting to reach down and give Blue Sapphire (a 24 year old beauty from the UK, and my personal favorite model in the new demo) a little rub, and I could only be too happy that in my home during the evening, sneaking up on somebody requires a trip up 2 flights of stairs; or I would have almost certainly been caught with my jimmie out and a huge grin on my face (and I can’t be slapped in VR so getting a little-touchy feely with the girls sans introductions is ok in my book).

Next on my list of top improvements is the performance. While the last iteration had my 780 classy FX-8350 combo chugging along trying to keep up, and failing; this time around the going was buttery-smooth (remember, we are talking about performance here), making the illusion that much more complete. In fact, the experience was so polished and well put together that I would be hard pressed to think of anything that could have been done better, other than the fact that some of the girls still had panties on so I couldn’t quite ogle all their lady-bits; but I can’t even rightly complain about that, as in all fairness the new platform allows for the purchase of more poses for the respectable price of 5 pounds, which is currently about 7 dollars US.
The addition of positional tracking added a nice element of immersion, as I could lean forwards and get a better look down a girls panties or even duck in for a nicer view of the models breasts; and I can only imagine how realistic this will all be once higher-grade headsets like the HTC Vive and Rift CV1 hit the shelves, especially when you think of adding some form of hand tracking (whether simulated ala the Vive controllers, or direct like the Leap) and throw in a bit of animation.

Speaking of animation, there still isn’t any; And that would be about the one legitimate gripe I could take with the product thus far.
There is good reason for it however. The developers can’t figure out how to stop it from chewing away at performance; and given how important a smooth experience is for immersion (and related to sim-sickness), I am glad they are deciding to wait.
What being unable to implement animations due to performance also means though, is that they have gotten animations to work; and although we won’t likely see anything more than smaller movements like breathing and swaying any time soon, that is just one more element of realism to add to the experience, and every small step we take in that direction is another step towards a future where VR interactions are nearly indistinguishable from real life.

I cannot wait for that day to happen.

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