We finally received our Rift yesterday and I was up all night trying out various demos. I must have tried over 20 demos already. Ironically I have yet to get Rift Coaster to actually work on my PC. Seems to crash every time it loads. I was able to demo some other great coaster games that were quite impressive.

Here’s a quick video of me unboxing the Rift, pretty much the worst Oculus Rift unboxing video ever, but you should get the idea:

Here are some picture of what came in the kit:

Like I mentioned above, I tried lots of demos the first night the day I received the rift:

  • Alone in the rift
  • Blue marble
  • Many coaster demos
  • Cobra
  • 3d Heaven
  • Jump VR
  • Kraken
  • Malfunction (couldn’t get it to run properly on my PC, too choppy)
  • Ocean demos
  • Planets demo
  • Skydying
  • Spacewalk
  • 3d girl scan
  • Abandoned house
  • Buddha Club
  • Freefall
  • Iceland
  • Rift Toon
  • Shufflepuck (couldn’t get this one to work)

I really did enjoy most of the demos and the rift is definitely immersive, however I do get know why this is a development kit. The resolution definitely leave something to be desired and the head tracking latency can be greatly improve, although it may be that my current graphic card needs to be upgraded.

I also found some challenges with the lenses. I wear glasses and I first tried the A cup with my current pair of glasses. I found that most of the images were somewhat blurry. I then moved to the b cup without my glasses and finally settled on the C cup and the clarity of the games was much improved.

One problem I’m still having is that when I plug in the rift as a second monitor my current monitor changes to a much lower resolution. Not such a big deal, but it would be nice to have my main monitor stay as is when the rift is plugged in.

I also found that it didn’t take long before I got “rift sickness”. More on some demos than others, but I certainly wasn’t able to keep the rift on for more than 15 minutes without feeling something. I’m guessing that this will get better as I get used to the experience.

Even though I tried a fair amount of the regular rift demos I didn’t try get many of the “erotic demos”. I did try the Infinite Realities 3d nude scans and I must say that this demo blew me away. When I was zoomed into any of the model faces (or butts…:)) I felt like I was right in front of them. Kind of spooky really.


I was going to try the 3dX chat demo, but the current download seems to have a virus attached to it. I’ll have to find an old version for now. If anyone knows of an old download for the demo please add a link in the comments.

My next move is to really demo some of the “sex” demos available. Just saw someone added a link to the 360 lap dance app on the Oculus forum. I’ll have to check this one out shortly.

I’ll make sure to add my comments about any new erotic Oculus demos and games I find here. So please check back regularly or touch base on our forum for updates. And once again we love to hear from our visitors and member so please make sure to leave a comment with feedback, suggestions or questions.




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  1. Do you have Hydras? If you do, you have to try 3d nude scans with positional tracking and hand tracking. That’s basically what erase real world and you are IN vr. Quite amazing.

    1. GS

      No, I wish. I heard that they were all sold out and it was next to impossible to buy them. Do you know where they can be purchased?


      1. I bought them over ebay for really cheap (around 40$).

  2. Best things I’ve tried so far is the light scans demo 2 more awesome experiences are Half Life 2 through steam with the -vr launch config and Minecraft that’s awesome.

    1. Yes, light scan demos are awesome. I’ve yet to try Half life (haven’t played in over 6 years) and minecraft. I here so many people talk about Minecraft and by looking at demos of the game I really don’t see the appeal. I just I should give it a try before making a judgement however.


  3. sorry Minecrift not minecraft

  4. if you would like to try 3dxchat shoot me an email and i’ll get you logged in and you can try it

    1. Micheal

      Thanks, I think I will.


  5. Try Titans of Space, it’s one of my favorite demo’s. Adult-wise try Illusion’s Love Girl with IllusionVR mod.

    1. Yes Titans of space is awesome.

      Haven’t tried Illusion’s love girl yet, will check that out for sure.


  6. Ryan, I’ve been waiting for you guys to get your Rift. Now that you have it would you recommend buying it or should I just wait. I really want to try it out, but it sounds like I should wait under its HD.

  7. TherionNLD- can you send a link to this site. tried to navigate the Illusion site but it doesn’t translate very well to English so I cant tell what is what

  8. Did Abandoned House work for you? I created the demo as a tribute to my Grandma. How did you like it?

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