Like some of you reading this, I don’t go much more than a day without imagining how the Oculus Rift will change the adult gaming world. One topic that’s been on my mind a lot lately is when and who will come out with shorter app type games. Although, the full version games like 3DX chat and Wicked Paradise will be awesome, I can only imagine that people might be looking for a 10-20 minute short game to ‘meet their needs”, so to speak.

There are millions of options out there that I or the next guy could think of if the topic of  adult apps for the Oculus Rift was presented. Some of the ones I’ve been thinking of lately are a BDSM app more geared towards domination. Now, I know it would only be sense of sight and sound, but I can picture either a virtual women or a real women who essentially orders you to masturbate a certain way. I envision this as something compatible with the fleshlight and v-stroker or something similar that sense if you are masturbating fast or slow or deep or shallow. The woman would order you to jerk it a certain way- faster, slower, etc and would be able to tell through something like the v-stroker whether she is satisfied with the pace other wise she might get a bit angry with you. But if you do as you’r e told, she may reward you by removing her clothes, masturbating for you, etc, etc. I don’t really know the logistics, someone who’s more into that type of domination would have more input, but I just see a shorter app type “game” or simulation would be a hit with a ton of guys.

Oculus rift porn

Another “app” type game would be one were you try to “outlast” a porn star. I think this type of game would also need something like the fleshlight/v-stroker combination that can sense the speed in which you are masturbating. It may be essentially a sex scene where a guy is having sex with a woman (or man if that’s your thing) and visually its like your watching porn but it shows his “pace” (I’m picturing like a bar that ranges from slow to moderate to fast as well as a bar that shows you your pace. It’s basically like a treadmill circuit for masturbating. haha. I know some people reading this will think that it’s a fucking stupid idea and it probably is, but I’d buy that app and give it a shot. I bet another million guys would as well. Who doesn’t want to increase their Stamina a little.

I sort of see these apps in the same lines as an i-phone type app where there are apps like a “lighter app” which is so basic and useless but still millions of people paid 99 cents for it. I don’t see what developers wouldn’t build small apps that sell for $1 to $10 and sell millions of them. I really hope developers go this route for adult apps.

The ideas are endless. I’m sure a lot of you have wilder imaginations than me, so i’d love to hear your ideas.  I’ll leave you with one last possible app for now although I’ll probably add many more in the future just because I think an Oculus Rift adult app store would be awesome. Bang a celebrity app. Basically an app that lets you choose a celebrity to have sex with. Once again fleshlight/v-stroker would probably need to be compatible for better simulation. I’m sure this would never fly do to lawsuits and so on, but you never know what potential issues they could work around. Even if it really just had there face integrated with a virtual body, I’m sure enough guys have a good enough imagination that it could be pretty awesome.

What do you guys think about adult apps? Do you think that type of thing will become a reality for the Oculus Rift? What apps would you like to see. Let us know your ideas!



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