Within the next  three to five years, IBM predicts that computers will have sensing devices that allow users to touch and feel, taste and smell (in addition to the current ability to see and hear). Now for day to day life, this will improve online shopping as someone could touch the product to determine the quality or they could smell or even taste a dish or desert that a chef is cooking. That’s all crazy and amazing, but imagine virtual sex with the sense of touch, taste and smell to go along with sound and sight? 

It seriously blows my mind to even imagine virtual sex with the addition of these senses and part of me can’t even envision how everything would play out. It’s insane to think that we are only a few years away from virtual sex with the sense of touch, taste and smell, assuming IBM’s prediction is accurate. But really, when you think of how the Oculus Rift has changed virtual sex and the porn industry even before it’s mainstream release with the integration of sex toys to these virtual sex games it’s very easy to see that everything is about to change is dramatically.

Some of the most advanced sex toys like the love palz sex devices which are dual interactive toys that allow a sensation from one sex toy to be felt and experienced by the other person. That essentially is being able to feel sex through a computer. But imagine being able to feel the tits of the girl who you’re getting freaky with among other parts of her body. How much further will it allow your imagination to go?

Virtual reality sex toys virtual reality sex

I know I’m sounding like I’m getting carried away- I still prefer sex with my girlfriend over virtual sex or masturbating (or at least at this stage in the technology I do haha), but she’s not a toy and isn’t always into the idea of sex whenever I feel the urge and she doesn’t have the ability to become dark skinned beauty today, a white girl the next day and an Asian the following Tuesday, so there are times where I go for option 2. And option 2 is becoming increasingly better thanks to the Oculus Rift and the revolution of the porn industry. It’s really nothing short of a revolution that is going to take place in the next few years.

Imagine being able to smell the pheromones or perfume of the girl of your dreams during a session. The impact from your sense of smell is sure to heighten other senses as your fantasies become as close to reality as you’ve ever experienced.

Imagine being able to taste the sweet wetness as you orally please a real person virtually across the globe or maybe the porn star of your liking. It’s very real to think that when this technology advances you will be able to virtually give oral sex or have sex with porn stars in real time and taste, feel and smell them. That’s a fucking porn revolution if you asked me. You just became the star of the film. Then, in 2020, we can all look back at jerkin it in 2013 and have a good laugh about how it used to be.

Now I’m not saying everything will change that fast and porn as we know it today will be gone forever. There is always that market. There are still guys using magazines (yes, I mean paper mags) and sometimes the old technology just works when it might not be convenient to strap on the Oculus Rift amongst other accessories. But there will be a multitude of new options and new avenues for masturbation and virtual sex. Just imagine the voyeur when the technology allows for smell or feel. It will be an experience where its live, you can smell the scent of the people you are watching have sex and it will almost be like you are in the room with the people. Imagine being so immersed that it felt like you were sitting in a room with two (or more) people having sex- the smell in the air, their touch…. That’s just crazy…. and it’s coming.

Yes, it’s virtual sex and it’s hard to visualize at this point, but it’s coming whether we like it or not and with new sensory technology to allow feel, taste and smell, the experience is going to like nothing we could have ever imagined.

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  1. you have some crazy thoughts bro. can’t see taste in sex games coming in any time soon, but never say never right? was reading this article on newscientist and its sounds like a possibility. will be cool to see this technology. so trippy. here’s the link if ur interested


  2. Ya hard to simulate sexual tastes. I have no idea. But I think if you were immersed in a virtual sex multiplayer game and you could drink/taste a simulated beer or coffee while you are in a virtual bar or lounge it would just make the virtual world seem that much more real which might increase other senses. These games would probably just focus more on the simulated touch and ability to “feel” sex more. I think people would be more interested in that, the easiest to create and what people really want with a vr porn game.

  3. would be cool if they could start simulating smell through the Rift, women’s perfume, ocean breeze, alcohol on people’s breathe, all would heighten the immersion. could connect to the oculus rift easily once they can transmit smell through computers

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