Ok, masturbation is far from boring, but the point I’m trying to make is that there are a lot more male sex toys available than ever before. With new companies like Fleshlight and the continued sex toy innovation from Japan, there’s a lot to be excited about.

And, now that Virtual Reality Porn is right around the corner, it only makes sense to stock up on some new toys. If you’re new to the male sex toy market, let me help you navigate the market and showcase some of the awesome toys available.

Let’s first start with Fleshlight products. Arguably the most popular male sex toy company in the world, Fleshlight has set a gold standard for male masturbation devices. Here are some of their best selling units. Also note that most of these units can be customized to change the color or the fleshlight, opening (butt, pussy, butt or mouth) and the inside texture:

The Original Fleshlight


Many men recognize the original design, meant to mimic a flashlight as to conceal it from suspecting spouses. Probably still their biggest seller and a crown favorite. To be honest however, with all the new designs I would be surprised if this one doesn’t fall out of style compared to the rest.

Stamina Training Fleshlight

fleshlight stamina oculus

Recently released, the Fleshlight stamina package proclaims to help you increase your sexual stamina. Based on some of the testimonials it appears to be effective, but you’ll definitely need to try this yourself before making that determination. The stamina package includes the Fleshlight water lube, fleshwash and a free e-guide for increasing your sexual stamina. If you’re going to buy a Fleshlight anyways, you might as well buy one that helps increase your stamina, unless of course that’s not something you’re concerned about.

Fleshlight Flight


I actually wrote about this product the other day and if I do chose to buy a Fleshlight this will probably be the one. Much smaller than the other models and quite a bit more discrete. I don’t necessarily need my Fleshlight to look like a vagina. If you’re looking for something small and discrete this may be the Fleshlight for you. The Flight model can be customized just like the other original models.


Fleshlight Shower Mount


You definitely won’t be bringing an Oculus into the shower with you, but if you are a fan of jerking in the showing this is a neat little accessory. Essentially this accessory mounts in the shower against the glass and it allows you to attach a Fleshlight to the device. Not much more to say about this product other than it’s an awesome invention. It also doesn’t cost very much when bundled with one of the Fleshlights.

Fleshlight Vstroker


The company has developed an attachment to the Fleshlight that allows you to interact with a POV video of specific models. You can choose the sex position you prefer and the speed at which you stroke the Fleshlight will dictate the speed at which the action will happen on the screen. The VStroker simply attaches to the bottom of the Fleshlight and then you simply plug in a usb connector to your computer to get started. You can view a video demo of the device here. The device is also compatible with some Oculus Rift Sex games.

Sex in a Can


For some reason, the Fleshlight company thought it would be a good idea to design some toys that looked like beer cans. Probably to keep them as discrete as possible, or may to simply appeal to men. If this is something that interests you be sure to check out the line of Fleshlight beer cans that are available on their site.

Fleshlight Blades


For all you comic book and fantasy nerds out there there is something for you too. Welcome the Blade, a smaller styled fleshlight that looks like the handle of a blade. The selling point of the blade is that the outside casing is squeezable allowing the user to tighten their grip when needed. Once again, this unit is as customizable as the rest.

Fleshlight Freaks


These are actually kind of weird and I think they were released just before Halloween of this year. But, if you’re into fake zombie, aliens and cyborg vaginas these freak fleshlights are probably just right for you. They have 6 different designs:

  • Alien
  • Dracula
  • Frankenstein
  • Cyborg
  • Zombie
  • Succu

Let’s move on to the Japanese market. They have been able to stay way ahead of the rest of the world with respect to male masturbation devices and overall make sex toys. Probably because they are much less conservative then their neighbors to the West. Here are just a few examples of some kick ass male sex toys developed in Japan:


All the following male toys can be purchased here:

These are really just a few examples. I was shocked at the amount of available male toys that the store had available. I didn’t even realize that most of these devices even existed. It’s nice to know that someone is looking out for the guys.

The world of male sex toys have been changed dramatically over the last few years. With companies like Fleshlight and innovators like those involved in the Japanese sex toy market we should expect more and more interesting male toys. The real hope however is to have someone come up with a toy that optimizes perfectly with VR devices like the Oculus Rift. I have no doubt that as software developers continue to innovate VR sex games, the hardware manufacturers will step up their game.

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  1. I’ve heard the STU is the one to get for anyone uho is buying their first fleshlight or if you want another one.

  2. I’ll second that nelous. It’s awesome. But I also like that you are able to customize the fleshlight to whatever you fancy.

  3. I’ve gone through the customization screen countless times but never to know what textures to buy cause I want to try so many of them. Have you done the build my own fleshlight?

  4. halleluja Japan and thanks Kanojo Toys love that place. Craziest shit. A10 piston is where it’s at. nuff said.

  5. hopefully vstroker people etc will start filming with 2 GoPro’s set to Oculus eye separation, for the next gen of porn…. then maybe onto their live link f-machine girls with the 2 cams on a rift controlled gimbal to look about as you please ;)…

    1. Yes, that really needs to be the future. The only real problem is that you have little control over the action. Real life action would be nice, but it would be prefilmed and impossible to control. I guess you could just sit back and enjoy. Definitely a step up from what we currently have.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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