The Oculus Rift’s compatibility with adult gaming, porn and virtual sex will no doubt change sex toys forever. The Japanese have created some incredible toys and it seems like every few days I come across something that I haven’t seen before or that makes me think “wow this is amazing!”…… and then I think ” WAIT, this would be even more amazing with the Oculus!”

Before the Oculus Rift style virtual sex, I didn’t really get overly excited for most sex toys for my personal sessions. There were e a few like the Fleshlight that are staples and must haves, no matter if you jerk off once a week or 5 times a day. For me the sex toy needed to be amazing and have a certain look or aesthetic to it….. But most of the sex toys out there, even if automated or robotic, just looked too fake or visually weren’t adding to the experience in the sense that I was still looking at this masturbating contraption made of plastic doing it’s thing. For that reason, although I liked the technology, I didn’t invest as much as I will now that the Oculus Rift and the adult gaming developers who are working on creating the most realistic virtual sex ever experienced.

Ok Ryan, get to the point, right? Here’s my point, for me there were a lot of sex toys out there, which may have been amazing before the Rift, but they looked too much like a crazy contraption and didn’t make me feel like a girl was doing all the work, because unless my eyes were closed I could see the machine doing its work. This might not bother some and it didn’t bother me, but it just wasn’t as amazing as these toys will be now.

Let’s take the masturbator below, available from our good friends at Kanojo Toys, called the SOM Hand Type Handjob Machine. Click the names if you want more information on it. They also have the SOM Rocket Type which is a similar version without the hard (I like it better)

som-men-hand-type-handjob-machine-masturbot-2 som-men-hand-type-handjob-machine-masturbot-1

Oculus rift sex masturbator

Now to me visually this thing looks a bit crazy and two years ago before the Oculus Rift was really on my radar, I wouldn’t have had much interest in something that looks like this. Yes, I’d like to try it, but I’d rather it look different (Look Different how? I’m not sure.) Anyways, now, whether it be a virtual sex game or even watching porn or sex apps using the Oculus Rift, you are totally immersed in the sex game or in the porn session that you don’t have any visual or peripheral view of any sex toy doing its thing. The sensation and feelings of the robotic/ automated sex toys during masturbation will be heightened to new levels by removing the sense of sight of your body and the sex toys by wearing the Oculus head set. No longer does a sex toy like the SOM Hand Type Handjob Machine look a bit too weird for me. Now I think, this would be incredible using the Rift.

Check out more toys at Kanojo click here

This masturbator retails for about $450 so don’t get me wrong it’s not cheap and there are a lot of other good sex toys out there. But for those looking for something robotic this is definitely an option and based on that view you can tell it’s working hard so you don’t have to. One thing that is better about this automatic sex toy is that you can sit on it so that it is stable and you don’t also have to manually keep it on your member like some other robotic sex toys.

I personally have changed my outlook on sex toys and think they will become more and more popular for men for the same reason that I wasn’t into them as much before but mainly because of the Oculus Rift. Even watching porn, like a POV video, with the Oculus Rift with a robotic masturbator will just really lets your imagination go and no doubt increase the sensation. And I really only think that’s the beginning, the REALLY EXCITING, part of sex toys are ones that can create stimulation for you but be controlled by someone else….. a real person in a video, a real person with a virtual character in a game, the possibilities of some crazy stuff and actual crazy good virtual sex is so close. It will take time to become incredible, but it’s already hereing to happen.

Whether you have a girlfriend or not, you masturbate at some point.  I know a lot of guys  that may have a fleshlight, but that’s about it. Some don’t have any sex toys for themselves. How will the Oculus Rift change the way you think about sex toys?

Oculus rift porn

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