Noticed that the Wicked Paradise site is down and may have been down for some time. We’ve been following the companies progress since it started promoting it’s upcoming Oculus Rift sex game. In fact, it has been billed as the first real first person Oculus Rift virtual reality porn experience.


The rumor was that the developers from Sinful Robot started up a new project as Wicked Paradise to fulfill the vision of the project. I really hope this project is not dead.

Over the last few months I’ve tried to reach out to the company via Twitter to ask for an update, but have yet to get back a response. Hopefully the project is still a go and they’re working hard developing the game. Last tweet from the company was:



For those of you who are not familiar with the company here an earlier demo they released sometime ago:

Wicked Paradise Animation Test from Wicked Paradise on Vimeo.

Once again, I really hope this project is not dead as many have been looking forward to its release. I do hold out hope, but it’s also possible that the project simply couldn’t not get off the ground and is currently on hold or cancelled. I guess we’ll have to wait for an update.


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  1. The website is almost on. It seems to be getting out of its slumber 😉

    1. Interesting. Looks like they changed the front page. Nothing on the twitter feed though.

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