The guys behind the 3d scanning tech at Veiviev have been at it again. This time with a very sexy “futuristic, voyeuristic experience” they are calling “Lucid Dreams“.

A couple of days ago I mentioned the demo, but I hadn’t yet had a chance to try it due to some login issues.  Well the issue has been fixed and I got my first chance to enjoy their newest offering, and I must say I am quite impressed!

While this experience is similar to previous demos utilizing their 3d-scanning technology, the flavor is a little spicier than what we have seen prior, and there is definitely a high degree of sexual appeal in the poses and expressions of the models. As hot as it is, they are still keeping it on the softcore side, and though it is quite tastefully done we would like to see things get a little naughtier in the future.

So realistic you can almost taste it.

For the time being there are a few limitations, such as the models being unfortunately still rooted to the spot; thankfully Veiviev’s own comments on the demo’s webpage confirm that they do indeed have animations working on their end and they are just working to overcome some issues within Unity; so I would imagine it won’t be too long before we will be able to see some movement.  This version of the demo is still considered a beta and is bound to see many improvements, and with some future plans including AI integration, physics, hand to skin interaction and toy interactivity, it’s hard not to imagine this being the go to app for Virtual Reality pleasure.

As you can see in the video, the demo has some billboards in the background for advertisement space, which I think is a good idea and can only help the experience improve. They have also mentioned they are opening a VR store where more models will be available for purchase.


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