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What a stimulating mid-week this has been! First, yesterday Sony makes it’s GDC announcement unveiling to the public their PS4 VR headset, project morpheus, which at the very least promises to continue to drive the Virtual Reality evolution into the homes and minds of consumers everywhere (which is a very good thing). Then last night I see that Veiviev has finally released a (long awaited) VR demo titled “lucid-dreams” (more on that later, the program is still in beta and I am having login issues atm), and to top off the excitement I wake up this morning to find a wonderful email from OculusVR announcing the DK2!!

From the sounds of it, there is a lot to be excited about, as this new iteration brings with it a lot of great features; and while still not ready for a consumer release, it is definitely a step-up from it’s predecessors; and at $350.00 USD they have kept to their promise of keeping things affordable for the average person.
So what does all this bode for the Virtual Reality porn crowd?
It bodes pornographic excellence my friends! (High-res VRTitties for the win!)
Positional tracking, a low-persistence 1080p display, and lower latency all combine to make the Oculus Rift porn encounter more comfortable, more immersive, and potentially more arousing. In short, if you enjoy watching VR porn and playing VR porn games with the DK1, you are going to love the experience that much more with the DK2, and as you can probably tell I am more than a little excited about the whole thing.

So far initial reviews have been a bit of a mixed bag, but that’s to be expected; we PC gamers are after all a finicky crowd, and expectations can often run somewhat north of what would be considered fair, in my opinion at least.

The biggest legitimate problems I have read about so far being slight positional tracking inaccuracy and a still noticeable (but much improved) screen-door effect; the former likely being a side effect of lighting issues at GDC and the latter being touted as easy to disregard; so I am certain the majority of us VR enthusiasts will be pleased as punani to get our heads (ahem) into the device.

Project morpheus sounds pretty skookum in it’s own right, but seeing as it is aimed at the PS4 and not the PC it is likely to receive little in the way of adult-themed applications (if any). So I won’t really talk about it here in favor of leaving such discussions to our forums.

Oculus VR is taking pre-orders for the DK2 now.

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