So, although we’ve talked about them a little here and there lately, it’s been quite a while since we’ve taken a good look at so I think it’s about time you all got an update as to what they’ve been up to.
As I’m sure that many of you already know, the popular website is no longer limited to 120° videos anymore; there is now a growing number of 180° videos allowing you a much more immersive experience with the ability to look around a considerable degree more; and that is awesome.
Aside from that bit, it would seem like Onix, Eris and the gang have been busy little beavers (with busy little beavers!) as there is now a full 17 videos replete with headtracking and stereoscopy for your Oculus Rift porn viewing entertainment; when last we covered their service there were just under a dozen.

So as requested here is a quick rundown of what’s new:

We’ve got –

“Just Lara” download trailer

Featuring: Onix Babe  

A little surprise that any gamer can appreciate. Onix Babe pulls off the Lara Croft work very well. This woman is what I would call the classic stunner so be prepared as she makes it hard. Watch as this horny honey gets her nicely shaved pussy off with first her fingers, then a giant black cross relic befitting of the series, with a dildo on the end of course!



“Love & Sex” download trailer

Featuring: Alexa & Joel

There is something special about Alexa, it could be the way her beautiful long hair hangs around her breasts, it could be her gorgeous breasts themselves and her delicious behind, or it could be the fact that she looks suspiciously like an ex-girlfriend of mine that liked to pump me like a pony. Whatever it is I like it and you should too. Watch her rock Joel’s cock with 180° headtracking and you’ll never look at porn the same again!


“Hanna’s Blowjob” download trailer

Featuring: Hanna Montada & Adrian Yuyu

Newcummers Hanna and Adrian make their OculusRealPorn debut in this video, and man do they ever do a good job of it! Watch as this little cutie looks up with her pretty eyes as she goes down on the oh-so-lucky (and handsomely built) Adrian. If there’s one thing you will gain from this video (other than the jizz in your pants) it is the knowledge that Hanna Montada is every bit as naughty as her real-life counterpart.  


“Hanna & Adrian” download trailer

Featuring: Hanna Montada & Adrian Yuyu (who else?)

Adjusting nicely to their new roles as Virtual-Reality porn stars, Hanna & Adrian get at it again but this time it’s all the way. Enjoy Hanna as she sticks her perfect posterior out for the camera (and Adrian) and get a front row view as she get’s pounded from multiple angles.
I really hope we get to see alot more of these two, they do quite well together.


“My Roommate” download trailer

Featuring: Irina Vega & Fenyx Santos

After “desired cumshot” 1 & 2 I was wondering when we would get another peek at this duo, and even more so, when we would get to see some real hardcore humping going on between the two. Well this video does it and it does it good. See sexy girl-next-door Irina pump herself up and down and rub her pretty little pussy back and forth on Fenyx Santos stiff cock.


So there you have it, another great group of hot and horny headtracking enabled videos from the pros at If you haven’t tried them out yet, we strongly advise you do, even if it’s only to see what the fuss is about because these peeps are the best in the business so far.
It’s not hard to see they have been putting the money they are earning to good use and I can only imagine how things might look once they can afford a 360° setup!

Keep up the good work keeping us up!


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  1. Wow, could you have gone with a better looking starlet than this Onix Babe? Disgusting really. Should be looking to bring in porn stars from the current talent pool.

    1. First of all, we

        are not so we do not decide who goes on the videos. If you have a problem with that, you should try complaining to them?
      Second of all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say and the last thing any porn producer should do is cut their talent because people have different tastes.

  2. Good, a replacement for all the evil Women that have ruined America.

    1. While I can’t say I share your view on the farer of the sexes, I can say I am excited nonetheless!

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