As many of you know, here at virtual reality Porn movies are a special love of ours. I mean, adult games are great and perhaps seemingly an easier fit for VR, but the ability to watch real  people fuck, suck and fiddle each other is an experience that is tremendous in its capacity to capture our interest and subsequently, our arousal. Previously, the foremost provider of such material was but a fledgling effort treading new territory in uncertain waters, and bore the name of that most prolific of the VR headsets of today which we all know and admire,; but are they still the best and who else has moved in to challenge them? How much has changed since those humble beginnings, and who now holds the reigning title of provider supreme in the ever-growing world of VR Porn?
The answer to the latter is, somewhat surprisingly, there really is no competition for these guys still (that isn’t to say they’re the only ones testing the market though, we’ll get back to his point later); and to the former? Quite a bit!Perhaps the most noteworthy of the changes in the aforementioned service is the addition of support for virtually (see what I did there?) every new VR headset in the known world today; and the most noticeable change is a new name and address swapping out the word Oculus for Virtual (leaving us with to reflect that support (and likely to avoid legal trouble with OVR).
Along with these alterations there is the addition of the VirtualRealPlayer (downloadable from their servers here), which is a free (!) proprietary video player configured to automatically load optimal settings for each of the videos on the site, and after spending a good deal of time with it (I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning) have found that it works better and quicker than anything else I’ve tried.
The final major alteration to the service is the addition of binaural sound to the videos (older ones don’t have it), which is perhaps only secondary to our sense of sight in providing immersion in VR, and although it is subtle given the limited 180° range of tracking, it works as expected and definitely adds to the experience.

This can be your VR fantasy!
This can be your VR fantasy!
Now I mentioned at the start of the article that there isn’t really any competition for as of yet and although that is true, there are a couple of other entries that bear mentioning. Though they aren’t yet producing stereoscopic VR content the way VRP is doing it, high quality UHD porn producer huccio has been experimenting with 360° capture for VR using a rig made up of multiple 6k Red Dragon cameras (teaser available here or here); but that is but one video in comparison to the dozens that are out on VRP, and though the huccio content is likely higher-quality than anything else currently available, it isn’t in 3d and in my view at least, it’s that stereoscopic depth which really makes Oculus Rift and VR Porn the amazing experience that it is. I would imagine it will only be a matter of time before huccio and other emerging players figure out how to give VR users what they want though, and when that happens might need to up the ante or risk losing a few subscribers. Given the fast-growing and loyal user base that comes from being first out of the gate however, it’s quite possible they won’t have much trouble even in the face of stiff competition, so long as they continue to grow and adapt in the manner they have so far.
Popular adult DVD rental company SugarDVD also has plans to incorporate VR into it’s list of supported platforms (as we talked about in this article last year); but again, as of the time of this writing we haven’t seen or heard much else about the proposed service so remains front and center as the premiere virtual reality porn service of today!!Check them out here!

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