Infinite Realities- possibly the most realistic virtual sex, the Oculus Rift and technology that will blow you away

Infinite Realities is one of the most dynamic 3D scanning companies that is on another level in the virtual reality world. They specialize in scans- full body, facial and ‘FACS’ (full range emotions shown through facial rigging). Lee Perry-Smith, the Director of Infinite Realities which is based in the UK, is the leading 3D modelling and scanning specialist in the world. Perry-Smith has shown the unprecedented ability to capture the utmost detail of scanned human models. The ability to show true imperfections in the models, everything from a scar, to a mole, to strands of hair which is what really creates a virtual reality scenario that is as close to reality as there currently is out there. The demos show the immaculate detail that has already been created. The ability to experience and view the scans when using the Oculus Rift really gives one of the best views into the future of VR sex and porn. Infinite Realities has already shown the ability to create such life like characters by, well, using real people. The ability to create real people in virtual reality is step one to the most insane virtual porn experience using the Oculus Rift. Although porn may not be the main goal of Lee Perry-Smith, one can foresee adult game developers contracting him for his uncanny ability to create the most realistic characters in the virtual world thus far. Oculus rift porn games The next step is to turn the scans into unity enabling the user to fully experience the character through game play. Currently, using the Rift, you can fully examine the virtual humans and get up close from any angle imaginable. For those who have checked out the demo from Infinite Realities for themselves or for those who’ve seen the videos, it is nothing less than insane. There hasn’t been a lot of recent news from IR, but that can only mean that they are hard at work. I can’t wait to see what next from them! Let us know your thoughts on IR and the Oculus Rift porn industry? Where is it headed and how do you feel about it?    

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    1. @The Internet, this is the only vr sex related web site that gets any kind of frequent updates (opposite to some other, that are gathering dust since their first or second update). So, if something bothers you, don’t visit.

  1. TheInternet, thanks for stopping by and commenting. If only you could have provided something beneficial to the conversation…. The updates and news is infrequent from some of the developers out there. The guys at #Infiniterealities are definitely going to make their mark in the VR world. They haven’t released much in the way of news lately, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited about the things to come….

  2. this demo is fantastic! its been removed from the site due to a copyright issue with one of the backgrounds used. but it said to be pt back up soon. if anyone’s interested in it i could make a drop box account for it.

    anyway the girl on the right at the back and the black male are incredible to look at close up with the rift because of the way this is done and rendered you can actually see them breath. which makes it all the more real!

    i think animating this way would be way to hard but this is the sort of quality people should be aim for its absolutely incredible!

    1. Yes, I found the demo quite remarkable. And I also didn’t realize that the demo was down because of copyright issues. I keep going to the page hoping it would load, so I had to download it from another source. I think I found it on the Oculus forum but I can’t quite remember now.

      Michael, do you mind putting up a link to the demo if you get a chance.



  3. Hey Michael,

    I think this is one of, if not the best demos out there right now. It’s totally crazy to walk up to and examine the people. It’s feels like you were able to just stop time for a minute and when you look some of them in the eyes it is totally trippy. It almost feels a bit uncomfortable.
    I’m sure it will take time to integrate this type of character into a game, but it will get there at some point. That is pretty crazy to imagine. This demo alone really blows my mind and really shows the potential. It does also show what developers should strive for.
    You should sign up for the mailing list and stop by for updates. We’ll do our best to let you know of anything new and exciting we come across and we would be greatful if you did the same. Thanks!

    1. Michael

      Wow, thanks for the link. That’s really some next level shit. This is really where VR is going. Allowing the user to be right in the space instead of looking down at an animated character in the game. Can’t wait to see how people design apps with this new technology.


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