When it comes to virtual reality, it’s all about the experience. Now that virtual porn has become a reality, that experience has taken on a whole new level. More importantly, it can transform your sex life from boring to adventurous in just the few minutes it takes to strap on your headgear and grab your controller.
With that said, does it matter what type of gear you use when you’re fulfilling your sexual fantasies? Of course it does! Let’s have a look at the Oculus Rift vs. HoloLens:



Oculus Rift: The latest design, known as Crescent Bay, is certainly an improvement over earlier versions, but it still has a long way to go as far as size. The headset is still big and bulky; it’s hard to feel sexy when you have massive headgear on (although once you’ve gotten into your groove, you forget about what you’re actually wearing!) While it’s not the most elegant piece of equipment, it does a nice job of completely immersing you into the virtual world. Because it isn’t wireless, it can be difficult to achieve a full range of motion. Since it’s still a work-in-progress, the final design (out later this year) may have improvements over past versions.

Hololens: The advantage of the Hololens is that it has a clear eyepiece that allows for peripheral vision. While the headgear is still bulky, it’s not quite as bulky as the Oculus Rift design. The overall design of the Hololens makes it more practical for the real world. This headgear is also wireless, making it easy to move.


Oculus Rift: This works by mapping your head movement to that of the simulated environment. The Oculus Rift maps this movement using an external camera, while you have the use of a game controller so you can interact with your environment. Real world is ignored by the Oculus Rift, and a whole new one is created for you.

Hololens: This set maps your movement using a virtual tap input, but will interact using a traditional mouse and keyboard as well. In this setup, you still have access to the real world and your surroundings; in fact, it’s an important anchoring point.


Oculus Rift: This is designed to run on several different platforms, such as Linux, OS X and Windows operating systems.

Hololens: This is built to run on Microsoft Windows 10. It’s essentially a wearable Windows computer with advanced features and a built-in screen.

Final Verdict

When it comes down to it, you’ll have to decide for yourself which head gear is a better fit for you. With the popularity of virtual porn such as it is, creating an entirely new 3D world might be superior with the Oculus Rift, although it’s a bit early to say. The Hololens offers endless possibilities and applications, while the Oculus Rift offers more focused experiences.

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