Every day there are more and more people joining the virtual reality train so the makers of content and gadgets have to continue to try to expand. If you have the money to shell out for a good system like a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift you are pretty much set. If you are in the lower league and you are using your cell phone like so many others your vr experience might not be so exciting. Granted there are many different types of headsets to choose from you still want  to feel like you are escaping the regular world and experiencing something fantastic.

I recently tried a bluetooth controller to see if my virtual reality experience would be enhanced in anyway. It did make a difference. I swung by my local Target store and picked up an Utopia 360 bluetooth controller which synced to my cell phone quite effortlessly. There are many different brands of bluetooth controllers to choose from. Just swing over to Amazon and you might just get overwhelmed by the selection. I have good and bad experiences when it comes to bluetooth hook ups that I was a little worried. I popped in 2 AAA batteries into the Utopia 360 controller. Turned it on and there was no connection problems at all. I was able to use the controller right away.

This is a website about vr porn so yes immediately I went to watch some vr porn over at Pornfxvr which offers vr porn previews as well as full length videos as well. Now using the controller definitely took a little bit of a learning curve. I probably should have spent more time getting more familiar with the controller before going out to explore. Once I had the controls down watching some vr porn was a breeze. There are two modes to the controller which is game pad mode and mouse mode. To effectively be able to navigate any website you have to switch back and forth between the two modes. A little tricky at first but I eventually got the hang of it.

Watching porn was a breeze but I am a skipper. I skip around in videos and find the parts I like. Even though you can click to start the videos I was not able to pause or fast forward the videos since the controller itself would not wake up the phone. Watching the full video before going back a page took some patience on my part but overall I still got to have some fun. I could have tried the controller out in a different environment that had haptic feedback or virtual touch but I didn’t get that far. I love the porn.

When you strap on your virtual reality headset it is a pain to have to take your phone back out and navigate around then strap it back on and watch something new. I  was not able to type on the keyboard with the controller so if I wanted to change sites I had to still take the cellphone out for that. I was able to navigate through the pages and make selections which did come as a benefit. I would recommend adding a bluetooth controller to make things easier. You still might have to put the controller down though to finish having all the fun if you know what I mean.


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