Spring is here and love is in the air!  We have decided to celebrate the beginning of the warmer months by giving all of you a chance to win a classic fleshlight and a month of 3dxchat free!
All you have to do is make a post on our forums telling us what you think the future of VR Porn may be, and like our facebook page and you will be entered in a draw for the middle of the month!
Be sure to either use the same forum name/email as the one you use for your facebook account, or include your facebook email in your forum post so we know who is who.

Come back to regularly check the forums for more details on the draw-date and upcoming contests, as we plan on rewarding our fans regularly!

So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and tell us what you think!




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  1. ME!!

  2. Nice gimmic, but it might take more than that to foster a community here. You definitely have the proper Domain Name .. just need to polish the site a bit and who knows.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, I think….:). Just trying to give back to the group.

  3. I’ve been skeptical but interested in checking out the 3DX chat for a long time. That video they put out did nothing but seal it for me. It was well worth it if you ask me. Obviously you guys have seen the trailer on the site.

    1. The game is definitely shaping up to be one of the top VR Sex experiences out there, but they need to get first person mode working properly and fix a few bugs along the way.
      It is still a work in progress though, and they update frequently, so I have no doubt that things will only get better.

  4. Yeah good to hear they are sticking with it. Obviously they must have enough support and enough people who like it to keep the updates coming. keep the updates coming.

    1. Funny thing that I have never heard of them before, but after googling their service it looks like I should have?

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